Security Certifications

Common Criteria

Common Criteria

Managed by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) which oversees evaluations of commercial IT products for use in national security systems, Common Criteria (CC) is an assessment designed to prove that the hardware and software attributes of a network device have been independently verified against an international standard set of security requirements (ISO/IEC 15408). Although CC is not a guarantee of security, it is used by many government and military organizations as a measure that the device is suitable for use in secure networks.

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Common Criteria-certified products



Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) is the US Department of Defense's (DoD) premier test and evaluation organization and has sole responsibility for certifying interoperability of all US DoD IT equipment.

The DoD Information Network Approved Products List (DODIN APL) is established to maintain a single consolidated list of products that have completed interoperability and cybersecurity certification. It enables US DoD entities the ability to select products that are approved for use in US DoD networks.

Functional Certifications


OpenFlow Conformance

The OpenFlow Conformance Certification is the highest level of assurance available to validate product conformance with a specific version of the OpenFlow specification. The conformance assessment is maintained by the Open Networking Foundation, a non-profit consortium of operators driving the network infrastructure transformation.


IPv6 Ready

Run by the IPv6 Forum, a world-wide consortium of equipment vendors, academic institutions, service providers and IPv6 organizations, this certification is intended to demonstrate conformance to IPv6 standards and validate interoperability of IPv6 products.