The digital revolution has brought amazing innovations to education, but schools can struggle to cope with the explosive and continual increase in bandwidth requirements. Achieving cutting-edge technology at an affordable price was the name of the game for Hallsville ISD, a major school district in Texas, and long-term happy customer of Allied Telesis. When the school decided at the end of 2015 to upgrade its wired network to a massive 10 Gigabit backbone, it once again chose an Allied Telesis advanced solution. The new network had to connect numerous schools over approximately 188 square miles, and houses six schools and campus configurations, ranging from primary to high school.


Hallsville ISD selected Allied Telesis to provide a significant infrastructure upgrade to the wired side of its network. The upgrade was facilitated via the United States E-Rate program, which provides discounts to help schools obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access. With the help of the E-Rate program Hallsville has now deployed Allied Telesis technology district-wide, upgrading from Gigabit to a powerful 10 Gigabit backbone. This allows it to easily handle large amounts of network traffic caused by increasing digitalization and the explosion of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)—recent research shows that the average 12th grader brings two network devices to school, and often more. Whereas previously the network contained a mix of products from different vendors, now it is 100% Allied Telesis. Three Switchblade 8112 switches power the 10 Gigabit backbone at the core of the new network.

Even up against strong competition, Allied Telesis was an easy choice for us. We have used their products for a long time now, and know them to be both technically advanced and extremely robust. Not only do Allied Telesis offer the best solution available on the market, they also provide it at excellent value for money.


Mark Page
Server Systems Administrator Hallsville ISD



Deployment began over the summer break in 2016, and was up and running smoothly by the time school went back in the fall term. Hallsville ISD is now running a powerful network, which provides its students and teachers with connected classrooms and campuses, and enables learning anywhere, at any time. All of Hallsville ISD’s six schools are now connected via the impressive 10 Gigabit backbone. This ensures the network has enough connectivity for all the students, with all their devices, all the time.

The new network solution allows the district to meet 21st century education goals, and has easily satisfied the students’ ever-increasing needs for educational accessibility, both now and well into the future.

Allied Telesis has once again delivered an outstanding solution for our school district. The new solution features first-rate technology and works seamlessly. Factor in stellar service and support, and we could not be happier.