FTTH Multiservice Gateway with VoIP

The Allied Telesis AT-iMG606BD-R2 gateway provides enhanced performance for routing and NAT traffic management.

The AT-iMG606 intelligent Multiservice Gateway is the ideal FTTH customer premise equipment for the delivery of communications and entertainment services, including Voice over IP (VoIP), high-speed Internet access, IP television, and interactive, two-way video-based services. All of these services are provided over an active optical distribution network via a single optical fiber to the home. The combined delivery of IP Triple Play services — voice, video and data — benefits both service providers and their customers. Service providers can quickly deliver advanced services such as fast Internet, VoIP, IPTV and Video on Demand in a scalable way with complete remote management. End users benefit by having a unique device interconnecting all peripherals, computers and VoIP telephones to a single broadband uplink.

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