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Network Managed Services

The Depth of Expertise You Need for Applications and Platforms

The Allied Telesis managed services organization delivers a comprehensive suite of high-quality, cost-effective, advanced end-to-end IP-based networking solutions and web-based services to enterprise and service-provider clients worldwide.

Managed Services: Managed Costs
Our advanced network managed services model is both broader in scope and more consultative in approach than traditional providers, delivering optimal results and cost-savings without compromising client autonomy.

Allied Telesis provides you with a suite of monitoring, maintenance, management, and professional services to improve operational agility and reduce required investment in resources, training, and technology. With Allied Telesis advanced network managed services, you can more accurately predict costs and manage budgets, while minimizing risk and downtime. And, our service options are both scalable and flexible to fit your needs, while aligning with strategic business objectives.

Today’s IT department lives in multi-vendor environments, managing multifaceted applications and integrated services — all of which can be hosted and operated from multiple geographic locations. This combines to create unprecedented levels of complexity and management challenges.

At the same time, demands for IT productivity have never been higher — from reliability and performance levels to the ever-growing demand for new value-added services. All too often, these new needs come with no new staff or budget.

The solution is to maximize efficiency and uptime while minimizing costs. To optimize your investment in, as well as increase the effectiveness and productivity of resources you already have, the goal is to only add the minimum equipment or systems that will make your operations more efficient.

That’s exactly the solution Allied Telesis provides.

Earning Your Trust
At Allied Telesis, our core value is simple. We help you meet complex IT requirements while offering investment protection, cost efficiencies, and the scalability to meet your ever-changing business application demands.

We do all this while lowering your overall IT costs. And, because of our flat-rate billing model, there’s never an incentive for us to sell you products or services that don’t actually improve your effectiveness and bottom line.



24/7 monitoring and proactive reporting improves service quality and maximizes reliability, while reducing the overall cost of IT service delivery.

A collaborative network lifecycle methodology incorporating technology, architecture, and network operations drives business results.