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AlliedWare Plus™

Fully-Featured Layer 3+ Operating System

AlliedWare Plus includes an extensive array of features that delivers the performance and functionality required by the most demanding environments.

Some of the innovative features that can be found within AlliedWare Plus include:

  • Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF)
  • Active Fiber Monitoring™
  • Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™)
  • Virtual Chassis Stacking Plus (VCStack Plus™)
  • Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing™)
  • IPv6

Based on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) principles, AMF is an embedded technology native to Allied Telesis switches that delivers real and immediate value to businesses. Many enterprises see SDN as the “silver bullet” to simplifying and optimizing the management and performance of their environment. But many applications of SDN today are relevant only to very large data centers. However, IT’s most pressing needs demand a single, converged infrastructure that can be managed as a single entity, reducing complexity and TCO and allowing more to be done with less.

AMF Cloud offers all of the functionality of integrated hardware-based network management, with the advantages of private or public cloud access and flexibility. AMF Cloud allows the AMF Master and/or Controller to be virtual appliances, rather than integrated into an Allied Telesis switch or firewall.

Active Fiber Monitoring is an innovative technology to prevent eavesdropping on fiber communications. It detects small changes in the amount of light received on a fiber link.

Using Allied Telesis VCStack in a network allows multiple switches to appear as a single virtual chassis. VCStack and link aggregation provide a solution where network resources are spread across the virtual chassis members, ensuring device and path resiliency. Virtualization of the network core ensures uninterrupted access to information when needed.

Allied Telesis VCStack Plus allows two SwitchBlade x8100 Series switches with CFC960 controllers to combine as a single virtual unit. You get the full power and reliability of a chassis switch – times two. VCStack Plus provides a solution with complete resiliency and no single point of failure. With fiber stacking connectivity, the two chassis can even be distributed over long distance.

Allied Telesis EPSRing solutions provide high performance, high reliability, flexible, scalable distributed network cores. The core can be as small or as large as is needed, connected by copper or fiber, or even copper and fiber in the same ring. The core bandwidth can be anything from 100Mbps to multiples of 10Gbps. The recovery time when links or nodes go down is extremely fast — as low as 50 ms, making this solution ideal for the provision of converged voice, video and data services.

The world is moving inexorably from IPv4 to IPv6, now that the supply of IPv4 addresses has effectively dried up. IPv6 future-proofs modern networks and ensures global accessibility, and with it the opportunity to be part of new business opportunities. Allied Telesis are by no means newcomers to IPv6, and have implementations in the market since 2004. With extensive experience, Allied Telesis have a solid, well supported, feature-rich IPv6 offering.

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