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Powerful Network Monitoring and Management

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Allied Telesis knows that enterprises worldwide are trying to reduce network management complexity, yet still support the ever-increasing number of devices that access online data and applications. Today's business network must provide both wired and wireless access to support digital resources, BYOD policies, and third-party devices such as security cameras and IP phones.


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Vista Manager EX delivers state-of-the-art monitoring and management for your Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) network, by automatically creating a complete topology map of switches and firewalls, as well as wireless access points (APs) including our TQ Series and MWS Series. An expanded view includes third-party devices such as security cameras.

You can manage multiple network devices at once to reduce administration, and intuitive usability means comprehensive information about your network is just a click away.

Single pane of glass management

Enjoy a single-pane-of-glass interface to your entire network. The dashboard provides complete network monitoring, including details, status, event information and a topology map. Critical issues are highlighted for timely resolution, and simple navigation lets you easily manage or monitor any device.

Vista Manager EX brilliantly combines a complete overview of your network with intuitive access to detailed information.

Automation reduces running costs

Network management is simple with advanced features like automatic backup and upgrade, and configuration of many, or even all, network devices at once. Automated device recovery enables zero-touch replacement, with new devices simply appearing in Vista Manager EX. The power of AMF and Vista Manager EX combine to reduce running costs, and provide true plug-and-play networking.

Superior wireless connectivity with network intelligence

Today, we expect seamless high-speed wireless connectivity to our corporate networks, from anywhere on the business premises. Vista Manager EX provides control, monitoring and operation scheduling of Allied Telesis TQ Series wireless APs, with floor maps to visualize placement.

The MWS SeriesAutonomous Wave Controller (AWC) uses wireless intelligence to constantly model AP location and signal strength information. It then automatically optimizes wireless output and channel selection, for a superior user experience.

Large business and Service Provider (SP) support

Vista Manager EX has multi-tenant networking, ideal for large business networks and SP environments. Each tenant network is separate from others for secure deployment and management, and you can allow appropriate administration access on a per-user basis.

Multi-tenant support provides a high-value solution for large distributed companies, enabling centralized or distributed branch office network management. SPs will enjoy total flexibility when offering network provisioning and/or management services to business customers.


Autonomous Wave Control (AWC)

Build high-performance, optimized networks for the IoT age by pairing AWC with Vista Manager EX.

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Take your network to the next level of monitoring and management. Real-time monitoring of network status and actionable reporting ensure the timely resolution of any problems.

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Your Network, Your Way

The flexibility of Vista Manager EX lets you manage your network, your way. Arrange the network map with drag-and-drop simplicity, or add an image to show physical device deployment. Use your preferred view to easily filter information, simplify troubleshooting and enable fast issue resolution.