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Vista Manager

Network monitoring and management for AMF networks.

Vista Manager is a graphical network monitoring and management tool for Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF) networks.

Vista Manager automatically creates a complete topology map from an AMF network of switches, firewalls and wireless Access Points (APs). Vista Manager facilitates simple management of many, or all, network devices at once. It also monitors up-to-date network status, and provides actionable reporting for the timely resolution of any network problems.

Wireless floor maps provide a comprehensive visual display of the physical layout of wireless access points.

Key features of Vista Manager include:

  •     An automatically-generated AMF network topology map, with a device list, and the ability to search for specific devices.
  •     A status display for all devices to alert users of any problems.
  •     Direct connectivity to one, many, or all devices together for configuration updates.
  •     Simple management of device backup and firmware upgrades.
  •     A wireless deployment map showing access point layout, with color-coded channel information.
  •     A comprehensive event log to support network issue resolution.

Download Vista Manager here

Vista Manager version 2.0 (available at the end of 2016) will add intuitive usability, with an overview dashboard, simplified navigation, and more network information—all just a click away.


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