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Vista Manager

Network monitoring and management for AMF networks.

Vista Manager lets you easily monitor and manage your Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF) network. With a graphical view of your entire network, you can see the big picture—and get smart about device management.

You can conveniently monitor any or all of your network devices at once, with Vista Manager’s automatically-created complete topology map of your entire AMF network, including switches, firewalls and wireless Access Points (APs).

Vista Manager displays your up-to-the-minute network status and provides actionable reporting so you can immediately resolve any network issues.

Managing devices has never been easier. Vista Manager lets you search for specific devices, enables easy backup and firmware upgrades, and provides direct connectivity to one, many, or all of your devices for effortless configuration updates.

Other features include wireless floor maps, for a visual display of the physical layout of your network APs, and a comprehensive event log to support simple network issue resolution. Vista Manager also offers intuitive usability, with an overview dashboard and simple navigation.

Download Vista Manager here.