Managing a modern WAN infrastructure can be costly and time-consuming. Modern applications like Voice over IP (VoIP) calling, video conferencing, streaming media, and virtual desktops need low latency, and applications demand ever-increasing bandwidth. Expanding WAN capabilities can be expensive, and dealing with multiple management tools and network issues is both frustrating and difficult.

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) allows service providers and enterprises to use their existing customer-premises equipment (CPE), and utilize redundant low-cost WAN and VPN connections to create managed multi-site networks, with optimized application flows to the Internet and across the enterprise VPN infrastructure.

Allied Telesis Secure SD-WAN combines the benefits of SD-WAN’s application optimization with advanced secure firewall products, for an easy-to-use internet gateway solution that optimizes and protects all your WAN traffic. Now you can manage and secure your WAN infrastructure from a single point, using a single management interface.

Secure SD-WAN offers several benefits over traditional WAN traffic management:

  • Build higher-performance and lower-cost WANs
    SD-WAN removes the need for expensive dedicated links, by automatically distributing and load balancing traffic over many low-cost commodity link types, such as wireless and broadband.  You get lower operating costs and stronger infrastructure, with more independent traffic paths to choose from.
  • Easily prioritize critical applications
    SD-WAN provides application optimization to ensure that critical applications like voice and video have the traffic bandwidth and link quality they require. Users can allocate priorities and quality thresholds to individual applications, so the SD-WAN engine can select the best paths for each application’s traffic.
  • Automatically select the best traffic path
    Once application priorities are assigned, SD-WAN monitors the quality of all links and will switch application traffic to a different path when necessary, to maintain the optimal user experience. This means that high-priority VoIP traffic can be configured so that the lowest latency link is always preferred. If the current link no longer meets the performance requirements, the traffic is automatically switched over to another link that does meet the requirements.
  • Encrypt SD-WAN traffic for security
    The Allied Telesis SD-WAN solution can direct traffic over VPN links. This ensures that your sensitive business data is kept private, always.
  • Simplify deployment with Secure SD-WAN
    SD-WAN technology is built in to Allied Telesis firewalls, which also utilize security engines and threat signature databases from industry-leading vendors, with regular updates to provide up-to-the-minute protection against malware, viruses and other cyber-attacks. Combining both into a single device at your internet gateway simplifies installation and operation. Optimize and protect your WAN in one easy step!

SD-WAN provides a way for enterprises to reduce the operational costs of their WAN infrastructure, while improving the performance of critical applications. The Allied Telesis solution combines all the benefits of SD-WAN with the security features of a field-proven firewall, for easier deployment and management, and even lower running costs.