Software Defined Networking

From mid-sized enterprise organizations to large data centers, SDN is solving challenges that traditional networking architectures cannot. As a member of the Open Network Foundation (ONF), Allied Telesis has an extensive SDN offering to overcome network challenges.

Make your network smarter for improved reliability, stronger security and lower costs, with Allied Telesis fully-supported and easy-to-deploy SDN solutions.

Intelligence assists administrators in running networks—it provides them with better information, and helps them complete administration tasks more quickly and with fewer mistakes. Human error is a leading cause of system outages, so adding intelligence to the network leads to more uptime and a better end-user experience.

Network security is being continually challenged by new and ever-evolving threats. Allied Telesis Secure Enterprise SDN (SES) provides a platform to tackle these threats head on, with a combination of smart applications and firewall products from best-of-breed security vendors. Together, the resulting solution is more secure yet also easier to manage, and provides excellent visibility into the security status of the entire network.

A key feature of our intelligent solutions is the automation and simplification of management tasks. Autonomous Management Framework (AMF) automates many everyday administration tasks so they do not need manual intervention. This reduces costs, frees up administrator time for more valuable activities, and reduces mistakes. An extra benefit of Allied Telesis intelligent solutions is the ability to customize your network via the powerful RESTful API, which lets you add your own features using your favorite programming language.