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Allied Telesis Product Warranties

Allied Telesis offers protection for your purchase with a variety of new product warranties.

Please check your product documentation to see which Allied Telesis warranty applies to your purchase, and register for your warranty today.

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Allied Telesis Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLT-W), EMEA and CSA

Applicable to products purchased from October 2014.
Limited lifetime warranty covers the following Allied Telesis switch series products: 
x210, x230, x310, IX5, x510, x510L, x610, x900 and x930

View Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy


Allied Telesis Standard Warranty, EMEA

Applicable to products purchased from April 2009

View Standard Warranty Policy - EMEA (2009)

Allied Telesis Standard Warranty, CSA

Applicable to products purchased from April 2009.

View Standard Warranty Policy - CSA (2009)

Allied Telesis Warranty

Products purchased prior to 1 April 2009.

View Warranty Policy - 2009