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Our Technologies

Take advantage of our innovative features to build secure, resilient networks for video, IoT and business applications.

Autonomous Management Framework Plus (AMF Plus) Increase network intelligence and control with centralized management.

Active Fiber Monitoring Take advantage of non-stop, automated monitoring of all your optical fiber, without the need for expensive third-party equipment.

Channel Blanket Solve channel interference and roaming limitations of multi-channel wireless architectures.

Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) Reduce the need for costly human involvement in the deployment and tuning of a wireless network.

Remote Power Cycle Minimize the work by providing the capability to power cycle remote devices connected to PoE-capable media converters.

PoE Simplify network installation by delivering power and data over just one connection.

Continuous PoE Get uninterrupted power to cameras and other sensors, even when the sensor switch is rebooted.

Software Defined Networking Enjoy next-generation network capabilities with OpenFlow™ certified products and solutions.

Network Loop Protection Prevent your network from running slowly with products from Allied Telesis.

EPSRing Provide high performance, high reliability, flexible, scalable distributed network cores.

VCStack Allow multiple switches to appear as a single virtual chassis.

AlliedWare Plus Our feature-rich layer 3+ operating system combines IPv4 and IPv6 features with superior robustness and an industry-standard command line.

Smart MissingLink Easily see the status of hidden links between unmanaged media converters, to simplify network troubleshooting.

IPv6 Future-proof your networks with industry-leading IPv6 features built-in to all our AlliedWare Plus products.

Multi-Gigabit Networks Enables high-speed wireless, and building upgrades over legacy cabling