Selesoft Consulting S.r.l gets seamless connectivity and high availability, with a cutting-edge Allied Telesis network upgrade.


First established in 2011, Selesoft Consulting S.r.l provides IT consulting services across Italy. On November 1, 2016, the company became a subsidiary of the TerniEnergia S.p.A Group—an international leader in electronic systems and information technology production. TerniEnergia caters to a variety of vertical markets, including infrastructure and defense, and is particularly involved with developing sustainable solutions.

Selesoft has a staff of around 50 employees, and depends on effective collaboration with its partners to design and develop technologically superior solutions for its customers. With multiple locations across Italy, highly-available inter-office communications are essential for Selesoft’s success.

Prior to the upgrade, Selesoft had been using multiple service providers to create its main and backup inter-branch connections, one active and one standby, in order to manage potential service outages. For security, firewalls provided protection at the border between the corporate network and the Internet at each office.

Selesoft’s new network needed cutting-edge intelligence. The company also required equipment flexible enough to implement custom routing, to easily monitor and manage the primary inter-branch connection, and provide automated changeover to the backup connection should the primary link become unavailable.

Solution: Inter-Branch Connectivity

The new network connects Selesoft’s two main offices in Milan and Rome, and two smaller branches in Alessandria and Tivoli. The physical locations are linked by two networks, with a primary Ethernet connection and a backup MPLS connection.

Data communication between offices uses the primary Ethernet connection, and in the case of an outage automatically switches over to the backup MPLS connection. This is made possible using Allied Telesis built-in trigger and scripting functionality, where eventbased triggers allow user-defined scripts to be executed upon defined system events.

If the primary Ethernet interbranch connection goes down, the trigger runs a script to update the switch routing table, and sends inter-branch traffic over the MPLS connection. Once the fault is resolved, the Allied Telesis switch script is triggered again and restores inter-branch connectivity over the primary Ethernet link.

Triggers and scripts are an excellent feature for customers requiring custom functionality. The application required by Selesoft would be not possible with other vendor devices. Thanks to the Allied Telesis equipment, a simple configuration has been possible to guarantee inter-branch connectivity and service continuity.

Alessandro Brancolini

Selesoft Consulting S.r.l

Powerful and Automated Networking

Selesoft selected the SwitchBlade x8112 Next Generation Intelligent Layer 3+ Chassis Switch for its new network. Easily the most power-efficient chassis in its class, the SwitchBlade x8112 features lower cost of ownership and is incredibly eco-friendly, utilizing high-efficiency power supplies and low-power chip sets.

The SwitchBlade x8112 features Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF), which meets the increased management requirements of modern converged networks, automating many everyday tasks including configuration management. AMF has powerful centralized management features that manage a complete network as a single virtual device. Selesoft can expand its network with plug-and-play simplicity, and network node recovery is zero-touch.


The new Selesoft network solution enables highly-available inter-branch connections to support business and service requirements. Automated link recovery using triggers and scripts reduces the need for urgent IT support in the case of a link outage, saving valuable time for Selesoft’s staff.

The SwitchBlade x8112 chassis provides a resilient network core, and AMF automates network administration to eases the burden of IT management, saving time and reducing costs.

The power and flexibility of the Allied Telesis devices has proved able to deal with problems not solvable with standard network protocols, providing Selesoft with an ‘always-on’ solution across all locations, with easy access to their online resources and applications.

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