Kyoto Kogakuin High School gets a new high-performing network, with industry-leading Allied Telesis products and technologies. 

Kyoto Municipal Kyoto Kogakuin High School, hereafter called Kyoto Kogakuin High School, is a technical school which teaches specialized and advanced technological knowledge and skills. It aims to create skilled workers for the manufacturing field, and actively cultivates a strong foundation for this via specialized educational activities. The school is in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan.


Kyoto Kogakuin High School was created by merging two established schools—Kyoto Municipal Rakuyo Technical High School and Kyoto Municipal Fushimi Technical High School. With a plan to open its doors for the first time in April 2016, the newly merged school needed a highly-reliable ICT education network.

The school had a clear goal: To develop capable people with strong skills who will contribute to the development of society and the well-being of humanity. Staff work towards this by teaching students to proactively solve issues and improve their own capabilities. The school encouraged self-learning and had a strong focus on teamwork, problem solving, project-based learning and STEM education—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The new ICT education network had to support the school to achieve its educational goals and provide an environment that was conducive to self-learning and teamwork. It was imperative to use network products and services that would support a modern learning environment and provide always-on access to online resources and applications.

Kyoto Kogakuin High School utilized modern technologies in its teaching, and was one of very few public schools that make tablets available to all students. Because of this, the network required seamless wireless access that could stream video. The new network solution had to be high performing to support numerous digital systems, while remaining easy to manage.


When we join society, we develop connections with people from various fields and form teams. It is very important to develop teamwork, and our school teaches that.

Mr Hiroaki Sunad

Principal, Kyoto Municipal Kyoto Kogakuin High School


Allied Telesis provided a total solution—from network design, to install and commissioning, as well as ongoing service and support. The new network included switches, wireless Access Points (APs), a firewall, servers, storage, and classroom applications and support systems.

The network is physically divided into two—an administrative system and a learning system. The learning network used Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™) in the core and distribution switches to provide a highly resilient network, with continual access to digital systems. A Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall connected the school to the Internet, providing a secure environment for students’ online access, while also protecting the school from threats.



A most impressive point is AMF, which provides centralized management over the network. In addition, features like automatic recovery mean that even staff who are not particularly knowledgeable about technologies can manage the network. Allied Telesis provides excellent support. We communicate with each other very well, and we feel free to talk to them. They have been very helpful, even after operations started

Mr. Hideyuki Okubo

Vice Principal, Kyoto Municipal Kyoto Kogakuin High School

Three key technologies, Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™(AMF), EtherGRID, and Net.Monitor™, ensured an easy to manage and high-performing solution.

AMF automates and simplifies network administration. Features like centralized management, along with automated backup, upgrade, provisioning and recovery, enable plug-and-play networking. This reduces the time and cost of managing the new network.

Allied Telesis EtherGRID is a next-generation hybrid cloud platform, which provides integrated servers and storage for the school's many digital systems. Virtualization technologies ensure fast application delivery to both staff and students.

Net.Monitor™ is an Allied Telesis IT operation support service. Allied Telesis remotely monitor the network, and use advanced fault management to isolate, analyze and enable speedy resolution of any problems. Benefits for the school include enhanced network availability and performance, and reduced costs.


Kyoto Kogakuin High School opened its doors on April 8, 2016, and the new network was launched. Ever since, the network has run reliably and efficiently, with no issues.

The network is running with no issues whatsoever. We thought it would take around 3 months to establish good working order, but thanks to Allied Telesis it just worked right from the start.

Mr. Shintaro Nakamura

Teacher, ICT Management Department, Kyoto Municipal Kyoto Kogakuin High School

The well-designed wired and wireless infrastructure ensured that student tablets have seamless access to educational video and applications, so classes run smoothly and learning is not disrupted by network downtime. The highly-resilient new network easily handles all the school’s digital systems, and is very easy to manage.

Thanks to Net.Monitor, the school has peace of mind that even if an issue arises, it will be handled remotely. Allied Telesis are pleased to continue supporting Kyoto Kogakuin High School in offering a forward-looking technical education environment.

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