Kyoto Hotel Okura, in Japan, selects an Allied Telesis wireless solution for its new network.

The Kyoto Hotel Okura is a long-established hotel managed by the Kyoto Hotel Group Ltd., which also runs the Karasuma Kyoto Hotel, and four restaurants, all based in Kyoto, Japan.


The hotel needed to redesign its network to allow safe, easy wireless connectivity that guests could access right from their rooms. The new network had to be securely built, and allow for simple and safe future expansion.

Kyoto Hotel also wanted to install IP cameras to enhance customer service, and strengthen security for the hotel and its guests.

The hotel had to consider several challenges which were unique to installing a large hotel network. Hotels, unlike other businesses, are always open. Guests expect 24 hour a day service, throughout the entire year. And with over 320 separate guest rooms, the network had to allow for a large number of guests to simultaneously access the network.

The hotel also faced some special challenges in terms of time constraints. The new network installation had to occur primarily in February, because at this time of the year the hotel has a relatively smaller number of guests. Each day, around half of the guest rooms on each floor needed to be upgraded.

Lastly, there were issues to consider with physical layout. The central parts of the upper guest room floors have thin ventilation slots, which provide fresh air for the passageways. This ventilation, though necessary, had the potential to cause radio interference for the wireless LAN access points in guest rooms, thus triggering communication difficulties.

Our primary focus was security, which is essential for our guests. Our secondary focus was easy Internet access.

Mr. Hidehiko Oyaizu

System Planning Section Chief of the Accounting Division,

Kyoto Hotel Group Ltd.


Allied Telesis proposed a solution that allowed prompt failure recovery with no network downtime. The hotel was confident in the rich technical expertise of the Allied Telesis staff, and the solution included advanced cutting-edge products. Allied Telesis also guaranteed its support for network maintenance.

Kyoto Hotel’s new network has been designed to provide wireless connectivity for more than 300 guest rooms. The new network core features two Allied Telesis x900-12XT/S advanced Layer 3 Gigabit switches, which utilize Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™). Using VCStack at the core of the network provides resiliency and ease of management. It allows the x900 switches to appear as a single virtual chassis, which acts as a single switch, simplifying management.

The x900 switches are connected to Allied Telesis intelligent distribution switches on each floor, as well as to WebSmart edge switches.

Allied Telesis has extensive experience in building wireless LAN networks for ventilated structures, and was able to devise a simple way to avoid the potential problem of radio interference. Generally, given the physical size of hotel guest rooms, one wireless LAN access point would usually cater for two or three rooms. For Kyoto Hotel Okura, however, Allied Telesis installed one wireless access point in each room, as well as in common areas such as banquet and conference rooms. In this way, the network avoids radio interference by limiting the radio transmission power of each access point.

Lastly, IP surveillance cameras were added to the new network, converging digital surveillance data with other network traffic. These cameras are located in the lounge and parking areas.


The new wireless LAN has operated without problem so far since its launch, and Kyoto Hotel’s guests have reliable easy WiFi access from their rooms, and also from the hotel’s lobby and other public spaces.

Seamless Internet access is available for all rooms, even during the peak access hours of 9pm-12pm.

The new IP cameras are functioning as planned. Along with providing extra security, these cameras greatly enhance customer service—they notify staff that a customer is arriving or waiting, so that they may greet or attend to the customer in a timely manner.

The Allied Telesis advanced devices are operating smoothly and there have been no issues with failures or downtime.

VCStack lets Kyoto Hotel harness the full power of its network, providing a highly resilient solution that is also easy to manage.

The hotel also has guaranteed support available from Allied Telesis, providing peace of mind.

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