Allied Telesis deploys SDN wireless/wired pure OpenFlow solution at the ONF headquarters in Palo Alto, California.


The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth and adoption of Software-Defined Networking (SDN).  As the flag bearers of SDN and OpenFlow networking, it was only fitting that the organization not just “talk the talk” but “walk the walk”, and deploy an SDN solution at its headquarters in California.

The ONF selected industry leader Allied Telesis to provide the new SDN solution. The Allied Telesis SDN team collaborated with the ONF office to deploy a fully SDN wired/wireless network solution.

Running our office on a pure OpenFlow network gives me great satisfaction. Installation was fast, and the system can scale to 2000 users if need be.

Dan Pitt

Executive Director,



Deploying the entire pure OpenFlow wired/wireless network was simple and extremely fast—less than one hour to unpack, set up, and power on. ONF is using the open-source Faucet SDN controller, which uses the OpenFlow protocol to control the switch. Faucet allows software control of switches, as OpenFlow exposes forwarding tables that can be modified directly, without the need for specialized drivers. 

The new OpenFlow data plane consists of an Allied Telesis x930 Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet  switch, and an wireless access point.

x930 switches provide resiliency, reliability, and high performance, making them ideal for network core and distribution solutions. The ONF is also using Allied Telesis x510 advanced stackable Gigabit switches, which offer comprehensive resiliency, security, and management features in a compact, highly-reliable package.

The entire deployment took less than one hour to unpack, rack the equipment, and make it available for use.

Dan Pitt


Allied Telesis thoroughly enjoyed working with the ONF team to deploy their new SDN solution. Everything worked straight “out of the box”, and the joint teams deployed the solution flawlessly and effortlessly.

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