Paducah Power System, in Kentucky, USA, harnesses Allied Telesis high performance and flexibility for its new network solution.


Paducah Power System is an open access power and network service provider. The company has locations in 30 counties in Kentucky, and 5 counties in Tennessee. It services over 23,000 customers, 1100 of whom are using fiber.

Prior to the upgrade, Paducah Power was using a Broadband Passive Optical Network (BPON) solution. It was very slow, with a limit of 20 Mbps, and it didn’t allow for trunking or customer VLANs.


Paducah Power selected an Allied Telesis solution based on its flexibility, outstanding customer service, and value for money.  Most appealing for the company was that the Allied Telesis products are compatible with access cards and iMGs to suit any situation—for example xDSL, T1, Fiber, and POTs. This futureproofs the network, and saves Paducah Power time and money.  


Paducah Power now has the VoIP and fiber solution it needed, and the company is enjoying high bandwidth and enhanced throughput capabilities. Notably, revenues from Paducah Power’s business customers have measurably increased.

The upgrade went very smoothly thanks to the service and products that Allied Telesis provided. Our network is now functioning at a much higher level - our throughput and bandwidth are increased, and we feel we have a robust, future proof solution.

Brent A. Shelton

Manager of Telecommunications & Information Systems,

Paducah Power System

The Allied Telesis iMAP was critical to the success of this network upgrade: it has provided the flexibility Paducah Power required, and unlike the other vendors’ products the company considered, the iMAP needed no upgrades to provide future additional services.

The company will continue to use Allied Telesis products and services to grow its business and expand to new counties.

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