Rostov State University of Civil Engineering (RSUCE) in Russia selects Allied Telesis
to provide a new, high-performing and always-on network solution.


RSUCE needed to design and implement a new, highly reliable campus-wide network solution, which could also support a digital video surveillance system. The old network was complicated and difficult to manage, and it had no protection, resiliency or recovery capabilities. Lacking hierarchy and design, and with a flat topology consisting of a number of unmanaged devices, the network was experiencing numerous failures and issues.

The university required a multi-service network, with VLANs for data control, and a three-level architecture design featuring core, aggregation, and access layers. Despite this complexity, the new network had to be simple to manage, high-performing and resilient.


Allied Telesis worked with system integrator, who are based in Rostov-on-Don, to install the resilient multi-service network that now encompasses RSUCE’s campus. At the network core are two industry-leading Allied Telesis SwitchBlade® x908 advanced Layer 3 modular switches, stacked together with Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™). The result is a single virtual chassis that is simple to manage, and a highly resilient network design with no single point of failure.

Allied Telesis x610 Series advanced Layer 3 switches are used at the aggregation layer, while Allied Telesis 8000S stackable Fast Ethernet managed edge switches provide network access. Power over Ethernet (PoE) gives power to video surveillance cameras and other connected devices, simplifying deployment and maintenance.

This powerful combination provides a high-performing solution that now supports digital video surveillance traffic, as well as online educational resources and applications used by both staff and students.


RSUCE now has a cost-effective and resilient solution built with Allied Telesis superior equipment and technology, which guarantees that access to digital information is always readily available from any part of the campus.

The solution easily handles the addition of video surveillance to the network, centralizing campus security to ensure a safe learning environment for tomorrow’s engineers.

The new network is easy to manage, and provides huge improvements in performance, as well as being future-proof and ready for next-generation technologies. RSUCE can relax knowing the network is reliable, and concentrate on providing quality education, supported by its powerful new network solution.

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