MC600 Series

VDSL Media Converters

MC600 Series

Extended Ethernet Operation

Used as a pair, the MC606 provides up to 100Mbps of data transfer over a Coax 50 or 75 ohm cable via a BNC connector. Standard Ethernet operation is preserved end to end, retaining VLAN tags, and Ethernet MAC information across the link, while higher layer protocols are passed transparently. Cable length of up to 2km can be supported by the MC606.
Used as a pair, the MC605 provides up to 100Mbps / 60Mbps of data transfer, while supporting POTS service over  phone-grade, twisted-pair, wiring (CAT1, 2, 3) at distances up to 3km or 10,000 feet.These units are the ideal solution for providing data on "last-mile" twisted- pair circuits or existing in-building wiring.
Standard Ethernet operation is preserved end to end, retaining VLAN tags, and Ethernet MAC information across the link, while higher layer protocols are passed transparently. 10/100Mbps Ethernet operation is supported simultaneously with POTS, ISDN or PBX signaling, without disruption.

MTU and MDU Applications

Hospitals, Multi-Tenant Units (MTU) such as offices and campuses, and Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) such as hotels and apartments, are an ideal environment for the MC600 Series network extenders, where private phone-grade wiring can be used to provide broadband access to Internet services including video streaming, www, gaming and e-mail. There is no need to re-wire premises with expensive CAT5 or fiber to provide broadband Ethernet services.

Standalone and Rack-mount

The MC600 Series provider units are available as compact standalone units for installation at the central office, or alternatively, they can be rack- mounted in a standard Allied Telesis AT-MCR12 chassis. The compact chassis is capable of housing up to twelve units with a redundant power supply, simplifying wiring and minimizing space requirements.

Plug and Play Operation

Simply connect to the RJ-45 Ethernet port and the unit will automatically auto-sense and configure for 10T or 10/100TX, as well as full- or half-duplex Ethernet operation. An integral POTS splitter on the MC605 means existing phone services are not affected—no reconfiguration is required.
The async mode is useful for IP surveillance applications, as it allows downstream information to be sent to the camera (zoom, etc.) – which requires minimal bandwidth, while giving the maximum bandwidth to the upstream channel for video being sent to the servers. With this amount of bandwidth, a single existing coax cable can support multiple IP cameras, if they are connected via a switch to the MC600 Series.

Key Features

  • Up to 100Mbps, throughput
  • Up to 100Mbps / 60Mbps VDSL operation up to 3km or 10,000ft
  • Up to 2km coax cable
  • Support 50 and 75 ohm coax cable
  • BNC connector
  • Asynchronous and synchronous operation
  • Unmanaged
  • Simple setup via DIP switches
  • Same product operates as both provider and subscriber
  • Traffic shaping upstream and downstream
  • Supports both fast mode and interleave mode
  • Operates over category 1, 2, 3 or 5 telephone-quality cabling
  • 10/100 Ethernet port
  • POTS port
  • Integral POTS splitter
  • Auto MDI/MDI-X
  • Power, Ethernet activity and link LEDs
  • VDSL link and rate LEDs
  • Fully configurable using front panel dipswitch
  • Standalone and rack-mountable
  • Can be used in AT-MCR1, AT-MCR12, AT-TRAY1, AT-TRAY4
  • Wall-mountable using optional AT-WLMT bracket
  • Compact form factor
  • Metal chassis
  • ENERGY STAR-compliant external power adapter
Cable length up to 2km
200 m
>100Mbps / 60Mbps
2 km
~30Mbps / 9Mbps


The MC600 Series is a perfect fit for the IP surveillance market. Many already-installed analog cameras use a coax cable to connect cameras back to the control center or encoder. (At the encoder, the analog signal is converted to digital for backhaul transmission.) When these cameras need replacing, they are now increasingly being replaced by digital cameras. Digital cameras do not allow connectivity over coax cables, so either the camera and cable needs to be upgraded, or the existing cable can be used if an MC606 is installed at either end of the cable, saving the cost of running all new cabling. The MC606 can also be used in legacy 10Base2 (ThinNet) style applications, when two MC606 devices are connected, and provided they are at the end of the cable runs.

Advantages of IP Cameras (Digital) over Analog

  • Cameras can provide higher quality images up to multi-mega pixel HD type formats.
  • As the data is sent in a digital format, there is no signal quality degradation in transmission.
  • Installation is easier, as the camera can use PoE for power, instead of having to use a separate power cable. Also, analog PTZ cameras also need additional cabling (even if they have audio), with each function being carried on a separate cable. With IP cameras, all information is carried on a single Ethernet cable.



Tables show information for a product configured as a provider. For suscriber, reverse DownSteam (DS) and UpSteam (US) parameter.


Loop simulator Real cable 5C2V
CPE setting BNC
SNR margin 6dB
Fast mode
Loop length Linerate (DS) Linerate (US)
0m 86944 95136
200m 91840 97344
400m 87008 89088
600m 80544 83264
800m 70528 70176
1000m 62848 57376
1200m 50464 40160
1400m 40512 36736
1600m 34112 25152
1800m 22720 22176
2000m 20896 18400
Loop simulator Real cable 5C2V
CPE setting BNC
SNR margin 9dB
Fast mode
Loop length Linerate (DS) Linerate (US)
0m 82112 88000
200m 86880 91200
400m 79328 82688
600m 74496 75840
800m 65824 63040
1000m 56512 50624
1200m 44064 34752
1400m 34642 31200
1600m 29120 21600
1800m 26560 19616
2000m 19168 16064
Loop simulator Real cable 5C2V
CPE setting BNC
SNR margin 6dB
Fast mode
Loop length Linerate (DS) Linerate (US)
0m 101024 58208
200m 108928 61568
400m 107584 60128
600m 104224 55648
800m 92576 46272
1000m 82816 38720
1200m 70016 29120
1400m 60480 19968
1600m 52256 14208
1800m 44640 11136
2000m 31552 9024
Loop simulator Real cable 5C2V
CPE setting BNC
SNR margin 9dB
Fast mode
Loop length Linerate (DS) Linerate (US)
0m 96608 55744
200m 99168 55872
400m 98880 54816
600m 97120 50752
800m 85728 42720
1000m 74784 34336
1200m 63488 24864
1400m 54592 15488
1600m 46784 11072
1800m 39232 9920
2000m 28992 7648

Typical Performance Over POTS Network

Typical Performance Over ISDN Network

Product Specifications

DMT modulation (MC605)
Spectrally compatible with ISDN and POTS services (MC605)
FDD duplexing (MC605)Datarate up to 100Mbps
4M flash

Interface Connections

VDSL interface
RJ-11 (MC605)
Ethernet interface
Coax BNC-1 (MC606)
4-pin DIP switch


Speed up to 100Mbps / 60Mbps at short distances; data
throughput up to 3km or 10,000ft distances (subject to cable type)


700,000 hours

Physical Specifications

9.5 cm x 10.9 cm x 2.5 cm
(W × D × H)
3.74 in × 4.29 in × 1.0 in
300 g (10.58 oz)
Tabletop and rack-mountable*
* requires AT-MCR12 chassis

Power Characteristics

External power supply
120V AC, 60Hz (US model), 240V AC, 50Hz (European models)
Input supply voltage
Max current
Power consumption
Energy Star compliant

Front Panel Indicators

VDSL interface
RJ-11 (MC605)
Ethernet interface
RJ-45 (MC605)
POTS interface
RJ-11 (MC605)

System power
Ethernet link
Ethernet activity
Coax BNC link (MC606)
Coax BNC rate (MC606)


6dB / 9dB
<1ms / <6ms latency

Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage temperature
-25°C to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F)
Relative humidity
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Operating altitude
Up to 3,048 m (10,000 feet)

Country of Origin



UL 1950
FCC class B CSA
EN 55022 class B EN 60950 (TUV)
EN 50082-1

Ordering Information


Subscriber/provider unit with ENERGY STAR multi-country power adapter.

Product supplied with multi-region external power adapter for US, EU, UK, AU.


RJ-45 to Coax BNC media converter with ENERGY STAR.