Elemaster S.p.A gets the very best of high availability and performance, with a cutting-edge Allied Telesis network upgrade.


The Elemaster Group is a global company specializing in electronic technology design and development. Elemaster S.p.A in Italy is headquarters for the global group, which has production facilities in Tunisia, the USA, India and China. Providing design and engineering services, as well as developing electronic boards and devices, the company has 6,000 product types with many tailor-made solutions. Customers include prominent businesses in high-technology sectors like healthcare, transportation, avionics, defense, high-tech mobility and energy.

In 2009, Elemaster launched an initiative to improve its global computer systems. The company began by upgrading its hardware platform, replacing old servers with blade solutions and virtualization systems. This new scalable structure enabled on-demand service delivery.

Elemaster had two very clear requirements—service continuity and high availability. The Group’s continuous growth and its global presence necessitated the adoption of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The ERP system was running on the new blade servers in a virtual environment enabled by VMware, for high availability. Elemaster wanted to update its network and data storage so all IT systems would support high availability, providing ‘always-on’ access to online systems. This would ensure non-stop data delivery for essential business services.

Elemaster selected Allied Telesis for its new network solution, thanks to the company’s solid history of providing secure, highly-resilient networks to businesses all over the world.


The new solution was implemented by Agomir S.p.A. System Integration, who used highly resilient network switches from Allied Telesis with Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™) technology. VCStack allows multiple switches to appear as a single virtual chassis, and when partnered with link aggregation provides a solution where network resources are spread across the virtual chassis members—ensuring device and path resiliency.

VCStack features fast failover for a virtualized network core providing uninterrupted access to digital information. It is spread across two separate server rooms in the building to provide a completely resilient solution with high network availability.

DataCore provided the storage solution using the ‘stretched clusters’ concept and storage virtualization. The DataCore software solution provides high storage reliability, without being tied to more expensive and proprietary hardware solutions. DataCore guarantees synchronous mirroring between two storage units with 100% data availability and no data storage downtime.

Putting together Allied Telesis technology for networking, DataCore storage systems,Lenovo servers, and the expertise and experience of Agomir S.p.A resulted in a highly reliable, flexible and stable solution, satisfying all of the Elemaster Group’s requirements.


Elemaster has seen a significant improvement in the performance of its ERP operations, characterized by increased data transfer, which easily supports their digital systems.

The hardware independence of the DataCore storage solution allows for easy growth when required, and investment protection for the already-installed server and storage systems.

An Allied Telesis highly-resilient virtual network ties the whole solution together, with easy user access to online resources and applications, to support this busy global company and ensure effortless business continuity.

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Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack)

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