VCStack Plus provides complete network core resiliency

Today’s large enterprises demand ready access to online resources and applications. These needs require a high performing network, one that can seamlessly carry multiple converged services.

This diagram shows two SwitchBlade x8112 chassis with dual CFC960 control cards combining to form a single virtual unit with VCStack Plus. This provides a powerful network core, with complete resiliency, and the simplicity of managing just one device. (Click for larger image.)


Link aggregation across the two chassis – to servers, network storage, and distribution switches – means there is no single point of failure in this high performing network core, thus ensuring device and path resiliency. Each individual chassis has PSU redundancy to ensure maximum uptime.

Real-time applications like VoIP and streaming video are assured premium service on the network, as near hitless failover between the dual control cards on each SwitchBlade x8112 means there is no perceptible disruption in the case of a problem. Even if a whole chassis is powered down, access to online resources is retained without disruption.

As the VCStack Plus links are fiber, the two chassis do not need to be co-located, but can be kilometers apart – perfect for a distributed network environment, or data-mirroring solution.

With the benefits of high availability, increased capacity and ease of management, VCStack Plus makes large networks reliable and simple.


Datasheet: SwitchBlade® x8100 Series with CFC960 Controller