SwitchBlade x908 GEN2

10G/40G/100G Stackable Layer 3 Chassis Switch

Support today’s bandwidth-hungry IoT and smart industry deployments, with the SwitchBlade x908 GEN2 high-capacity stackable Layer 3+ modular switch, with 8 high-speed expansion bays. Enable large Enterprise networks with a powerful feature-set, and integrated wired and wireless network device management.


  • Scalable and flexible to meet network demands both now and well into the future
  • Eliminate bottlenecks with a high-capacity 2.6 Terabit fabric, or up to 10 Terabits when stacked using VCStack™
  • Create resilient, distributed backbones that are easy to manage with long-distance stacking
  • Support high-speed wireless, and network upgrades over legacy cabling, with 2.5G and 5G connectivity
  • Reduce costs and automate network and device management with the Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF)
  • Manage up to 250 access points with Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) Lite, which automatically optimizes wireless connectivity and throughput
  • View the network graphically, and simplify wireless deployment with floor and heat maps using the Device GUI

Key Features

  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) for low power consumption
  • AlliedWare Plus Enterprise-class operating system
  • Active Fiber Monitoring for secure fiber backbone connections
  • EPSRing and G.8032 ERPS for fast-failover resilient ring networks
  • Hot-swappable expansion modules (XEMs) for additional Multi-Gig/10G/40G/100G ports
  • Media Access Control Security (MACSec) for secure point-to-point Ethernet links
  • Market-leading SDN with industry certified OpenFlowv1.3
  • Large switching and routing tables support multiple services and connected devices
OpenFlow IPv6

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