An innovative technology pioneered by Allied Telesis, our patented Active Fiber Monitoring (AFM) provides specialized data protection on optical links. You can enjoy nonstop, automated monitoring of all your optical fiber with no need for expensive third-party equipment.

Protect your data

There is a long history of fiber hacking, with fiber-eavesdropping devices in use since the mid-1990s. It is entirely possible to intercept optical signals undetected thanks to high transmission margins and a lack of monitoring. Fiber has long been viewed as intrinsically secure, but this just isn’t the case—commercial fiber clamps exist, and fiber interception results in such insignificant signal loss that it goes undetected.

Traditional fiber security has always involved dedicated hardware, which requires a costly initial investment as well as ongoing maintenance. This is where AFM is different.

AFM Diagram


A unique solution

AFM works by detecting very small changes in the amount of light received on a fiber link. When an intrusion is attempted, the light level changes because some of the light is redirected by the eavesdropper onto another fiber. AFM detects this intrusion and raises the alarm. The link can then either be shut down automatically, or an operator can be alerted to manually intervene.

Configuration is simple—just “set and forget”. Monitoring is nonstop, and any tampering or intrusion on your optical links is quickly detected. AFM is both sensitive and smart, so you won’t be bothered by false alarms.

AFM is a standard feature on all AlliedWare Plus switch series and firewall products, and works with Allied Telesis Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) capable optical modules. All Allied Telesis “industrial” SFP and SFP+ modules are DDM-capable.

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