The edge of a network is its most vulnerable point. Traditional security models are focused on defending attacks from the Internet, and so tend to ignore the threats posed by users and connected devices. Ideally, networks would be able to respond as soon as a threat was detected, and defend themselves from threats detected anywhere on the edge, including the wireless edge.

Most organizations utilize an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to defend against attack. However, these solutions are only capable of blocking suspicious traffic as it passes through the detection device. Since this tends to be near the gateway to the Internet, this means that only external threats can be detected and blocked. This is the traditional “secure border” model. Internal threats, such as infected USB drives or compromised BYOD, go unnoticed until the attack is well advanced, by which time the damage may be irreversible. In addition, these systems can only warn that a threat has been found; they cannot act to block the offending traffic. By the time the administrator reacts to the warning, it may be too late.

Block threats at source

Our award-winning AMF Security solution is different. AMF Security protects from threats detected anywhere in the network, so it can prevent attacks on the border, and inside the network too.

The AMF Security Controller incorporates an intelligent Isolation Adapter engine that instantly responds to any threat, and automatically removes a suspect device from the network. No matter where the threat is detected, the Isolation Adapter can quarantine the suspect device without manual intervention and without disrupting other network traffic.

Automatic threat isolation

The AMF Security Controller works with a wide range of best-of-breed IDS/IPS applications, to identify threats and respond immediately to isolate a suspect device. When the IDS/IPS detects a threat, the Isolation Adapter engine determines which device is the source and how best to quarantine it without affecting other network users. It then reconfigures the network to ensure that the device’s traffic is blocked, and the threat is unable to spread. Once the device has been remediated, it can be easily re-joined to the network with a minimum of manual intervention.

Integrated Solution

Our AMF Security solution does not replace your existing firewall or IDS/IPS solution. Instead, it works alongside it to make a self-defending solution that covers your entire network, not just the external gateway. The AMF Security Controller integrates with a wide range of security applications to leverage your existing cybersecurity investment.

Originally developed as a Software-Defined Network (SDN) solution, the AMF Security Controller has been extended to interoperate with the Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF). AMF is a powerful network management and automation tool that saves organizations time and money. When used with AMF, the Security Controller has a greater range of functionality, including device whitelisting and blacklisting, and with the intelligent Isolation Adapter, more isolation options. This means that organizations can have all the benefits of an SDN solution without the complexity, which lowers the barrier to adopting intelligent security solutions without wholesale network changes.

The Self-Defending Network

The AMF Security Controller works with cybersecurity applications, using its Isolation Adapter engine to instantly block the movement of threats anywhere within your wired or wireless network. It is the key to our award-winning AMF Security solution, which enables your network to automatically defend itself to prevent threats from spreading, and limits business disruption and costs.


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