Vista Manager EX

Network Monitoring and Management

Vista Manager EX delivers state-of-the-art monitoring and management for Autonomous Management FrameworkTM (AMF) wired, and Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) wireless networks. It automatically creates a complete topology map of switches, firewalls and wireless APs, to enable effortless management. The Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) orchestrator enables centralized optimization of WAN traffic.

Vista Manager EX


Vista Manager EX provides a single-pane-of-glass interface to the entire network. The dashboard includes network details and status, event information, and a topology map. Critical issues, such as internal security threats, link tampering, network loops, environmental alarms, and failed nodes, are highlighted on the network map and in the event log so they can be easily dealt with. Asset management enables firmware and configuration backup and upgrade of one, many, or all devices. Vista Manager EX brilliantly combines a complete network overview with intuitive access to detailed information.

Secure SD-WAN

The SD-WAN orchestrator centralizes management of branch office connections for more reliable and secure application delivery. Automatically optimize the performance of real-time applications to ensure business productivity. Set up acceptable performance metrics for any application, and use the map, dashboard, and health pages to monitor SD-WAN operation.

Real-time maps

Integrated topology map

The topology map shows all wired and wireless devices connected across the LAN and WAN, with easy access to the GUI of any node for specific control. Group network devices to show branch and building layout, and pre-provision new devices ready for plug-and-play upgrade. Use Tracepath for a real-time connectivity check between any two nodes, while service monitoring allows visibility of services running on a chosen device, with actionable reporting of events and alarms.

Traffic monitoring view

The color-coded traffic map provides visual network utilization and bandwidth across all links, while the advanced view uses sFlow to show protocol use through the network, and from specific devices. Proactive network management uses live and historical views to analyze traffic patterns and protocol use, and improve performance.

VLAN view

Simplify network management by creating and editing VLANs across multiple switches at once with a few mouse clicks. The color-coded VLAN map highlights network connectivity, showing data paths for your important business applications.

SD-WAN map

The WAN map shows VPN connections between branch offices used by SD-WAN. Color-coding displays current status and the performance of inter-branch links for visual monitoring and proactive management.

Multi-network support

Support multiple tenants, as each network is kept separate for secure deployment and management. Allow full administration or read-only access to any part of the network. Multi-tenant support provides a high-value solution for large distributed companies, allowing for centralization or distribution of branch-office network management. Service providers have full flexibility when offering network provisioning or management services to individual companies.

Network automation

Powerful features like automatic backup, upgrade and configuration simplify management. Automated device recovery enables zero-touch replacement. The power of AMF and Vista Manager EX combines to ease the burden of network administration.

Plug-ins for additional functionality

Add capability with subscription based plug-ins.

AWC plug-in

The AWC plug-in enables management and monitoring of Allied Telesis wireless APs, with floor maps, wireless coverage heat maps, and client counts. AWC models access point location and signal strength, and automatically optimizes wireless output and channel selection for a superior user experience. Innovative Channel Blanket hybrid wireless provides a no compromise wireless network with high throughput and seamless roaming, while AWC Smart Connect enables simplified deployment, and a resilient Wi-Fi network solution using wireless uplink connectivity..

SNMP plug-in

Auto-discover and manage a wide range of devices with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) plug-in. Different network device views enable visibility the way you prefer. Extend network monitoring and enable pro-active management with automated notifications and alerts.

Vista AWC-CB-SC and AMF-WAN network

Key Features

  • Intuitive single-pane-of-glass interface
  • Centralized network and device management, with firmware and config backup, recovery, and upgrade
  • Manage Allied Telesis switches, firewalls, and wireless AP (1)
  • Automatically-created integrated topology map
  • Group map icons into branches or buildings for intuitive visual management
  • High-priority network issues and critical events are highlighted on the map, and in the event log
  • SD-WAN inter-branch network optimization
  • Automatic wireless output and channel control (1)
  • Channel Blanket hybrid wireless (2)
  • AWC Smart Connect wireless uplinks (3)
  • SNMP plug-in for broad device support (4)
  • Real-time traffic, protocol, and service monitoring
  • Simplified VLAN creation and management
  • Support multiple networks with flexible management access
  • Add and manage Feature licenses on any AMF node

(1) AP management requires AWC plug-in license
(2) Requires AWC Channel Blanket and AWC plug-in license
(3) Requires AWC Smart Connect and AWC plug-in license
(4) SNMP management requires SNMP plug-in license


traffic map
vlan creation

The integrated topology map is a powerful visual tool. The color-coded traffic view shown above provides real-time visual status of network utilization and bandwidth across all links. The advanced view uses sFlow to show protocol use through the network.

The VLAN view shown above enables simplified network management by creating VLANs across multiple switches with just a few mouse clicks.

Secure SD-WAN

SD-WAN provides businesses with improved inter-branch network performance and reduced cost, by automatically optimizing application traffic over multiple WAN links between offices. SD-WAN uses our UTM firewalls and VPN routers for branch connectivity, to ensure secure transport of critical and sensitive data.

The SD-WAN orchestrator integrated into Vista Manager EX provides the ability to set acceptable performance metrics for any application, and load-balance traffic to meet requirements. By monitoring VPN link quality, time-sensitive or critical traffic is automatically switched over to the optimal link as required.

Visual monitoring enables easy management of the WAN, with the ability to drill down to specific links or applications to assess live and historical operation.

AMC plug-in screens

AWC plug-in

Allied Telesis innovative Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) regularly analyzes wireless networks, and dynamically updates Access Points (APs) to deliver significant improvements in connectivity and performance, by automatically minimizing coverage gaps and reducing
AP interference.

Wireless network operation in multi-channel, single-channel (Channel Blanket), and hybrid (multi-channel and Channel Blanket) modes, supports maximum data throughput and seamless roaming for the most flexible wireless solution available(5).

AWC-Smart Connect (AWC-SC)(6) enables plug-and-play wireless network growth, as new APs only need a power connection, and will then automatically create resilient wireless uplink connections to other APs.

(5) Channel Blanket and Hybrid modes available on TQ5403 and TQ5403e APs

(6) AWC-SC available on TQ5403, TQ5403e, and TQm5403 APs

Visualize AP deployment with wireless floor/heat maps, with wireless client counts available for specific areas.

SNMP plug-in

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) plug-in can acquire detailed information and statistics from a broad range of networking devices. Different views enable users to manage devices the way they prefer. It supports management of up to 2000 devices, and in large networks it automatically searches for SNMP agents and displays each device found in tree form, for an easy view of the overall network topology. The SNMP plug-in is a powerful addition to Vista Manager EX, adding management flexibility by supporting non-AMF devices.


Supported Allied Telesis Network Devices for Vista Manager version 3.3

SwitchBlade x8100 Series IE340 Industrial Series AR4050S UTM firewall TQ5403
SwitchBlade x908 GEN2 IE300 Industrial Series AR3050S UTM firewall TQ5403e
x950 Series IE210L Industrial Series AR2050V VPN router TQm5403
x930 Series IE200 Industrial Series AR2010V Compact VPN router TQ4600
x550 Series CentreCOM XS900MX Series AR1050V VPN router TQ4600-OF13 (OpenFlow)
x530 Series CentreCOM GS900MX Series   TQ4400e
x510 Series CentreCOM GS980EM Series   TQ1402
IX5-28GPX CentreCOM GS980M Series   TQm1402
x320 Series CentreCOM GS970M Series    
x310 Series CentreCOM FS980M Series    
x230 Series      
x220 Series      
IE510 Industrial Series      

Requirements for Vista Manager EX version 3.3

Minimum specification (supports 600 Access Points)
CPU Intel Core i5, 4 core processor, 2.5GHz or higher
Memory (RAM) 8GB (without SNMP plugin) 16GB (with SNMP plugin)
Storage Capacity 240GB (without SNMP plugin) 340GB (with SNMP plugin)
AMF nodes 3000 1500
AWC wireless APs 600 600
SNMP nodes 0 500
IOPS (Input/Output Per Second)(7), (8) 210 210
Specification to support up to 3000 Access Points
CPU Intel Xeon Gold, 12 core processor, 2.6GHz or higher
Memory (RAM) 16GB (without SNMP plugin) 32GB (with SNMP plugin)
Storage Capacity 600GB (without SNMP plugin) 1TB (with SNMP plugin)
AMF nodes 3000 3000
AWC wireless APs 3000 3000
SNMP nodes 0 2000
IOPS (Input/Output Per Second)(7), (8) 2000 2000
  Plugins being used AWC logging duration>    
Access Points AWC SNMP Intrusion detection Associated Clients RAM SSD capacity(7)
up to 100 - 1 Day 1 Day 18GB 240GB
  1 Day 1 Day 26GB 340GB
101 to 3,000 - - 14 Days 54GB 1TB
  - 14 Days - 186GB 1.5TGB
  - 1 Day 1 Day 28GB 1TB
  - 14 Days 14 Days 205GB 1.5TGB
1 Port Intel Core i5, 4 core processor, 2.5GHz or higher 16GB 10GB
2 Ports Intel Core i5, 4 core processor, 2.5GHz or higher 16GB 20GB
10 Ports Intel Core i7, 8 Core processor, 2.5Ghz or higher 16GB 100GB
30 Ports Intel Core i7, 8 Core processor, 2.5Ghz or higher 32GB 500GB
40 Ports Intel Core i7, 8 Core processor, 2.5Ghz or higher 32GB 700GB
OPERATING REQUIREMENTS Up to 600 Access points Up to to 3000 Access points
Windows Server 2019 (essential, standard, or datacenter editions)
Windows Server 2016 (standard, or datacenter editions)  
Windows Server 2012 R2 (standard, or datacenter editions)
Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)  
Windows 10 Pro Education (64 bit)  
Windows 8.1 Pro (64 bit)  
VMWare xSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) 6.0, 6.5, or 6.7
Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V
Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V
Web browser Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge
Safari for iPad
Minimum resolution 1280 x 768 pixels

(7) When using the Logging or Client Location Estimation features, it is necessary to use storage with IOPS of at least 20,000 (e.g. SSD storage rather than HDD storage) regardless of the number of devices
(8) When using the Advanced Traffic Monitoring feature, it is necessary to use SSD storage (rather than HDD storage) regardless of the number of devices

Vista Manager EX version 3.3 Licenses

Note: You can try Vista Manager EX for free by activating the 90 Day trial license after installation. The Trial license includes support for the AWC and SNMP plug-ins.

AT-FL-VISTA-BASE-1YR 1 year Vista Manager EX license
AT-FL-VISTA-BASE-5YR  5 year Vista Manager EX license
AT-FL-VISTA-AWC10-1YR 1 year Vista Manager AWC plug-in license for managing up to 10 access points (9)
AT-FL-VISTA-AWC10-5YR 5 year Vista Manager AWC plug-in license for managing up to 10 access points (9)
AT-FL-VISTA-CB10-1YR 1 year Vista Manager AWC plug-in license to enable Channel Blanket hybrid operation(9), (10)
AT-FL-VISTA-CB10-5YR 5 year Vista Manager AWC plug-in license to enable Channel Blanket hybrid operation(9), (10)
AT-FL-VISTA-SC10-1YR 1 year Vista Manager AWC-Smart Connect license for managing up to 10 access points(9), (11)
AT-FL-VISTA-SC10-5YR 5 year Vista Manager AWC-Smart Connect license for managing up to 10 access points(9), (11)
AT-FL-VISTA-SNMP-1YR 1 year Vista Manager SNMP plug-in license
AT-FL-VISTA-SNMP-5YR 5 year Vista Manager SNMP plug-in license

(9) Purchase one license per 10 access points
(10) Channel Blanket requires an AWC-CB license, an AWC license, and a Vista Manager EX base licenses to operate. Channel Blanket supported on TQ5403 and TQ5403e access points
(11) Smart Connect requires an AWC-SC license, an AWC license, and a Vista Manager EX base licenses to operate. Smart Connect supported on TQ5403, TQ5403e, and TQm5403 access points