Software Defined Labs

Allied Telesis is proud to partner with Tokalabs to create software defined labs for hybrid network environments.

For years, teams in the networking space have struggled to keep pace with automation practices and the growing number of networking devices in their inventory. Engineers are forced to spend more time physically rewiring, configuring and waiting for resources than on actual development and test cycles. Without a tool on the market that truly integrates the vast number of devices and various automation practices, engineers would continue to be slowed down.

Created within the Allied Telesis incubator program, Tokalabs leveraged their experience in networking and the advancements in virtualization to engineer a revolutionary way to manage network infrastructure, orchestrate topology changes, and simplify network automation.

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What is a Software Defined Lab

The new Software Defined Labs (SDL) technology allows teams to manage all their physical and virtual resources from a single pane and provides complete control over their Private and Public Cloud resources. The SDL solution speeds up development and test cycles while improving overall product quality and enhances technical sales and proof-of-concept initiatives.

Designed on the foundational concepts of Software Defined Networking or SDN, the SDL architecture enables dynamic sandboxing of hybrid networking environments. An exponential number of sandboxes or labs can be derived from a single networking environment that is maintained by an SDL controller.

In an SDL architecture, network elements are assigned abstraction and can be accessed on-demand. Through a centralized networking fabric that is maintained by a software-based SDL controller, interconnected elements that include traditional physical networking devices as well as public and private cloud virtual resources can be added to a sandbox for controlled use. SDL defines these sandboxes as labs and isolates them for any variety of provisioning needs. Connections between the elements in a lab are activated by the SDL controller.

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