Major automotive parts manufacturer gets a high-performing network upgrade with industry-leading Allied Telesis products and services.


NHK Precision leads the industry in precision processing technology. So when the company decided to move to a new site and redesign its network, it wanted only the highest quality products to provide a truly reliable network, including wireless access from all around the premises.

After careful consideration, the company selected Allied Telesis to design and implement a comprehensive new solution for secure, easy access to their online systems.

Why Allied Telesis? NHK Precision knew that Allied Telesis built extremely high-quality network products, and at excellent value for the money—a combination that isn’t easy to come by. They also offered full support to the company both during and after the network installation.

Mr. Hajime Nakajima

Manager, Manufacturing/Engineering Group Yokote Plant & Management/Administration Div.

NHK Precision Co., Ltd.


Allied Telesis provided network design and installation services with Net.Pro℠ to build a brand-new, highly-available factory network.

An x510L-28GT Stackable Gigabit Switch at the core is connected to GS950 access switches for a reliable and cost-effective network backbone.

Allied Telesis TQ4600 Series wireless Access Points (APs) create a stable and high-performing wireless network, which covers the entire factory area. A Unified Wireless Controller (UWC) centralizes provisioning, operation and maintenance of the entire wireless infrastructure—reducing admin time and simplifying network management. The UWC delivers a rich feature-set including seamless mobility, client tracking and extensive security safeguards for NHK Precision’s staff.

Internet connectivity is provided by an AR4050S UTM Firewall, which combines a powerful firewall with advanced threat protection. This ensures secure Internet access, while protecting the business from online threats.

We have wireless network access covering the entire factory, so secure access is now possible anywhere, which is extremely helpful and convenient.

Mr. Hajime Nakajima

Manager, Manufacturing/Engineering Group Yokote Plant & Management/Administration Div. NHK Precision Co., Ltd.


NHK Precision now has a brand new network at its Thailand factory. Allied Telesis has provided a leading-edge solution, featuring high-functioning products with excellent cost performance, and a full and rich support system.

Non-stop wireless access has been achieved across the entire factory thanks to the TQ4600 Series wireless APs, and the UWC ensures consistent wireless management with reduced administration time.

In addition, Allied Telesis continues to provide comprehensive ongoing network support, with Net.Cover℠ to ensure non-stop network operation—24 hours a day, every day.

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x510 Series

GS950 Series

Net.Cover Advanced Support Program

UTM Firewalls

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