NTT Communications Indonesia gets a high-performing network upgrade, with industry-leading Allied Telesis products and services.

A need for cloud services & secure message transfer

NTT Communications is a leading provider of information and communications technology (ICT) services and solutions to enterprise clients around the world. The company is part of the NTT Group, a top 100 ranked corporation in the Fortune Global 500. Since it began in 2000, the solution provider has combined its ICT services with high-quality networking services for Japanese and Indonesian clients.

Like many companies operating in Indonesia, NTT has recognized the growing need for stable, high-quality networks for cloud services and internal communication between offices. To this end, NTT Indonesia enhanced its office operations in 2012, implementing a streamlined system to allow full IP adoption and enable instant organizational changes, creating a more flexible organization and workplace environment for its staff. At this time it also implemented a new network to improve reliability and expand its optical line services—to be ready for the MM2100 Industrial Town in March 2016.

We needed reliable products that allowed for continuous networking operations, as well as fast delivery. We also evaluated support service and technical advice. After comprehensive consideration, we decided on Allied Telesis.

NTT Indonesia local staff

A network redesign

NTT Indonesia selected an Allied Telesis solution for its network redesign and enhancement. The choice was easy, because NTT Indonesia was already using the SwitchBlade x3211 series to great effect, and the company found Allied Telesis products to be both high quality and cost-effective.

Two Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x3112 access edge chassis switches form the core of the new network and provide optical line services for the MM2100 Industrial Town. These advanced switches support CPU redundancy as well as power supplies, fans and more. The SBx3112 switches also improve the reliability of the network.

At the network edge, NTT Indonesia now has 80 Allied Telesis iMG616BD multi-service gateways, which accommodate data communication, IP telephones and IPTV.

Allied Telesis has provided further support to NTT Indonesia to ensure non-stop network operation 24 hours a day, every day.

As a result of our experiences with Allied Telesis, we can say with utmost confidence that we recommend their products, solutions and support services 100%. We look forward to working with Allied Telesis for many years to come.

NTT Indonesia local staff

No more interruptions

NTT Indonesia now has a new and highly-reliable network. Speedy network product replacement is achieved through fast delivery and instant installation and there is no risk of network communication interruption thanks to the rich support system.

Allied Telesis has also provided a five-year product warranty including thorough support and technical services, which has allowed NTT Indonesia to relax and enjoy its new non-stop network.

In addition, Allied Telesis continues to provide comprehensive ongoing network support, with Net.Cover® to ensure non-stop network operation 24 hours per day, every day.

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SwitchBlade x3100 Series

iMG Multiservice Gateways


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