Conference Success with Secure and Seamless Wireless Connectivity

Allied Telesis provides a world-class Wi-Fi network solution for the 2019 Business Solution Fair, in Nagoya, Japan.


Seiun Crown Co., Ltd.




Nagoya City, Japan

Secure, nonstop wireless required

The Business Solution Fair is one of the largest office supply and Office Automation (OA) equipment trade shows in Japan’s Chubu District. In 2019, the event was hosted by Seiun Crown Co., Ltd. Founded over 100 years ago, Seiun Crown is a general trading company, specializing in office supplies and OA equipment. The company’s head office is in Nagoya City and it has five locations in the Tokai region.

Today, trade show and conference venues are expected to have the bandwidth and technology to provide instant, seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. Attendees bring with them a diverse array of wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops—and they need to be connected at all times to be productive. When the venue’s bandwidth can’t keep up with wireless demand, that’s a problem. Some attendees also use mobile routers or tethering, which introduce additional radio frequencies that can cause interference and affect the performance of the venue’s Wi-Fi network.

Further to bandwidth requirements, wireless connectivity must remain seamless across many Access Points (APs) as attendees move around the venue. And of course, the wireless LAN environment must be absolutely safe, guaranteeing robust security to protect users’ data and information.

The 2019 Business Fair had to deliver a secure, nonstop Wi-Fi experience for guests. They looked to Allied Telesis for this solution, because of its world-class wireless network technologies.

Seamless online connectivity with AWC-CB

Allied Telesis Autonomous Wave Control™ (AWC) enables wireless solutions that are self-tuning—automatically analyzing traffic patterns and optimizing the wireless network for maximum performance and minimal interference. AWC also uses authentication and encryption algorithms to prevent unauthorized access, thereby eliminating security concerns.

Allied Telesis has developed the world’s first hybrid APs, which simultaneously support single-channel and multi-channel wireless architectures, providing the advantages of both: seamless roaming and maximum throughput.

The AWC single-channel mode is called Channel Blanket, or AWC-CB. It guarantees nonstop roaming because the entire Wi-Fi network acts as a single virtual AP, so there are no lost connections or even poor performance as conference attendees move around the venue. As well as providing a seamless Wi-Fi experience, the single ‘blanket’ of wireless coverage enabled by AWC-CB is also immune to interference from any tethering or other wireless technology used by visitors.

Allied Telesis PoE switches were used to connect and power hybrid wireless APs, and the wired and wireless networks were monitored and managed using the Allied Telesis Vista Manager™ EX graphical network management platform.

Allied Telesis No Compromise Wi-Fi Solutions

AWC single wireless AP above a laptop
awc logo

Multi-channel for optimized performance

AWC-CB two wireless APs above 2 connected mobile phones
awc-cb logo

Channel Blanket for seamless roaming

AWC-SC three wireless APs connected
awc-sc logo

Smart Connect for plug-and-play wireless expansion

Demonstrating brand-new technology

Not only did Allied Telesis provide the Wi-Fi network for the business fair, but they also attended the fair as guests, with a booth showcasing a brand-new technology called AWC-Smart Connect™ (AWC-SC).

Plug-and-play wireless expansion

AWC-SC enables plug-and-play wireless network growth. New APs only need a power connection to automatically create resilient wireless uplink connections to the other APs.

For one-off event connectivity, AWC-SC really shines. Once initial APs are installed, deploying the rest of the wireless network is as easy as plugging in and powering on the rest of the APs, which then automatically extend Wi-Fi coverage to the entire venue.

When Mr. Yasunobu Ozaki, Manager of Information Systems at Seiun Crown Co., Ltd., saw this demonstration, he said, “In the future, we plan to use wireless solutions like this. We are currently updating our own network with expertise and technology from Allied Telesis.”


AWC-CB provided seamless roaming and optimal wireless performance across the Nagoya Trade & Industry Center, and ensured a successful Business Solution Fair. Vista Manager EX enabled a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire wired and wireless networks, which minimized both technical complexity and event costs.

Allied Telesis continues to provide cutting-edge, expandable Wi-Fi networks for Enterprise business and events like the Business Solution Fair. Allied Telesis AWC automatic optimization, AWC-CB seamless roaming, and now AWC-SC plug-and-play expansion provide today’s leading wireless solutions.

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