Hokkaido Institute of Technology, in Sapporo, Japan selects an Allied Telesis network solution to provide their Broadband campus network.

Hokkaido Institute of Technology (HIT) is in Sapporo, Japan. HIT’s education philosophy is “the merging of humanity and technology”.  HIT cultivates a culture of respect for each student’s individuality, and contribution to the revitalization of local communities.

HIT recently redesigned their network using Allied Telesis products, to provide them with a mobile campus environment. The new Allied Telesis network solution provides a high functioning, secure, reliable and future proof network.  The campus is extremely well connected, with Wireless Access Points installed throughout.  

HIT’s new network has an Allied Telesis SwitchBlade® x908 Advanced Layer 3 Modular Switch as their network core, and a distribution layer of x600 Series Switches and layer 2 switches at the edge.

We have installed wired and wireless LAN access points throughout the Campus. We provide a constantly available Information environment for students.

Professor Tetsuo Okazaki

Head of Media center, Department of Frontier Information Engineering, Faculty of Advanced Engineering,

Hokkaido Institute of Technology

With the new network, all students can access the internet anywhere on campus, at any time, with workstations, laptops, and smart phones.

HIT has an online “Campus Information System” which provides information about general campus life, and there is a “HIT-Education System” which supplements daily lectures. Both of these information systems are accessible from a portal website called “HIT Navigation”.

We use SSL-VPN for students and IPsec-VPN for staff, so that they can remotely access the campus information system from home or elsewhere. We chose the SwitchBlade x908 because it is so reliable, and very scalable.

Mr. Takashi Kawamura

Manager of Student support group, Academic Information Division, Hokkaido Institute of Technology

From the HIT Navigation portal, students can find up to date information about lecture scheduling, supplementary course information, the open lectures, a general course guide, faculty topics, and information about job-hunting. 

The Campus Information System provides registration for courses, report browsing, a student support program which records goals and achievement, and much more.

The HIT-Education System provides access to attendance records, mini-examinations, lecture documents, study assignments, and student communication.

We are very happy with the Allied Telesis switches we chose for our campus network. Our costs are low and our network performance is high.

Mr. Kazuyoshi Nishimura

Information section chief, Academic Information Division,

Hokkaido Institute of Technology

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