Kosei General Hospital, in Japan, selects an Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) solution for simple network monitoring and management.

Wireless access & new future-proof, converged LAN

Kosei General Hospital is a medical institute run by Rissho Kosei-kai. The hospital places great importance on high quality medical service, and appropriate observation and treatment for every individual. Kosei General Hospital also participates proactively in community-based healthcare, partnering closely with neighboring medical institutes. The hospital has emergency medical services, and maintains a very high patient acceptance rate.

In September 2014, after more than 50 years’ operation in Yayoicho, Nakano Ward, Kosei General Hospital relocated to Wada, Suginami Ward. The new building has a quake-proof structure so that patients can relax during their stay, knowing they are safe in the event of an earthquake.

The hospital needed a new, future-proof, converged LAN, and an electronic medical chart system with wireless access. The network had to provide high availability and be simple to manage.

Kosei Hospital selected an Allied Telesis network solution from multiple proposals. The Allied Telesis solution met all of the hospital’s network needs, including wireless connectivity, and provided the reliability and simplicity they wanted. Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) was a large factor in the company’s decision also. Kosei Hospital knew that introducing AMF would drastically reduce the man-hours and cost involved in its operation and management, and would also achieve automated recovery from failure.

A resilient design with a robust product at the core

The hospital has now been equipped with a new, state-of-the-art solution from Allied Telesis, which integrates the radiology, examination, accounting, ordering, and all other online systems into a single network. High availability is ensured with the resilient network design and Allied Telesis industry-leading products.

An Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x8100 Series chassis provides a reliable and robust network core, with dual power supplies, dual control cards, and line cards that are all hot-swappable for upgrading and maintenance with no downtime.

The staff members from Allied Telesis were extremely enthusiastic, which was one of the reasons we selected this solution. A strong business relationship is very important to us. We had great confidence in their willingness and ability to build something good with us.

Mr. Satoshi Tanaka

Healthcare Information Technologist, Information System Division,

Kosei General Hospital

x510 Series switches are used at the distribution layer, with Allied Telesis GS900 edge switches providing network access. TQ3600 wireless access points provide seamless wireless network access around the hospital and the Allied Telesis UWC wireless controller centrally monitors all wireless access points.

AMF provides automated network backup, upgrade, provisioning, and replacement of units, as well as the ability to manage any or all switches as a single virtual entity. In addition, Allied Telesis AlliedView™ Network Management System (NMS) allows visual monitoring of the complete network with full status information to alert administrators of any problems.

High performing Network

The new network was built and completed without any major problems before the hospital was reopened in its new location in September 2014. Since then, it has consistently operated without issues or failure.

The resilient network design provides constant online access for all hospital departments and systems, while the new wireless network allows access to patient information from anywhere it is needed.

We have received no complaints about slow speed or network failure. The network is performing extremely well, and we are so pleased. Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised that the new network provided a much wider range of wireless LAN coverage than I had expected. We have wireless coverage throughout the entire hospital building, with the necessary exception of the diagnostic imaging area.

Mr. Tetsuo Hara

Administration Department Manager,

Kosei General Hospital

Unified network management and monitoring

The redesign provides numerous benefits, such as unified network management and automated recovery through the new integrated hospital network and AMF, which simplifies and automates tasks across the network. Intelligent software reacts to changes within the network and automatically changes the topology. Devices are automatically backed up, restored, and recovered, as they are added to the network, bringing plug-and-play simplicity to network management.

The hospital also has peace of mind in keeping on top of any issues, with AlliedView NMS providing live network monitoring. 

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Autonomous Management Framework (AMF)

SwitchBlade x8100 Series

x510 Series

GS900 Series

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