Matsumoto Kyoritsu Hospital, in Japan, selects an Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) solution to optimize network operation and management.

Matsumoto Kyoritsu Hospital is located next to the Matsumoto Station in the Nagano Prefecture. This prefecture is considered the gateway to the Northern Japan Alps. Initially established by a working people’s cooperative and named “Matsumoto Clinic”, the hospital celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013.

The hospital is supported by a medical information system and an in-house network. As the development of the virtual data environment progressed, in 2013 the hospital again faced the need to update their networking equipment.


In 2013, Matsumoto Kyoritsu Hospital carried out a major upgrade to its data network infrastructure, using an Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x8100 Series next generation intelligent layer 3+ chassis switch at the core. SwitchBlade x8112 chassis are also used as access switches in a number of hospital departments.


The SwitchBlade x8112 chassis was chosen over other chassis options for the new network, as it provides integrated next generation features that support network virtualization, along with the expected resiliency of a chassis based product. Allied Telesis x610, x510 and x210 Series switches complete the new network, and are used for server and edge connectivity.

The Allied Telesis switches work seamlessly together as single virtual entity using the newly developed Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF). This greatly reduces network management and automates many day-to-day network administration tasks.


This upgrade has given the hospital the level of reliability and availability required by a hospital network, and has significantly improved the efficiency of their network management operations. The automated features of AMF have greatly reduced the hospital’s operational network management costs.

Cooperation from vendors is indispensable when adopting new technology like AMF. Allied Telesis provides fine-tuned technical support, and they have been very helpful.

Mr. Eiji Shirakawa

Manager, Systems Division,

Matsumoto Kyoritsu Hospital

In addition to providing technical support for the hospital network design, Allied Telesis provided technical support during the implementation, and prior to the AMF testing. Also, Allied Telesis engineers conducted operation verification together with FUJITSU FSAS Inc. at their site. This support was key.

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Autonomous Management Framework (AMF)

SwitchBlade x8100 Series

x610 Series

x510 Series

x210 Series

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