Port Taranaki, in New Plymouth, New Zealand, gets an advanced solution for their network upgrade.

Port Taranaki is a deep water seaport complex located in New Plymouth, on the west coast of New Zealand. It was established in 1875, and construction began on its main breakwater in 1881.

implementing wireless into the network

Prior to the upgrade, the port didn’t have a corporate wireless capability within their network. However, it had become necessary due to the proliferation of laptops and other wireless-capable devices that were being used.

Staff increasingly needed business laptops and other wireless devices to access the network, for example during meetings and in the boardroom and training rooms.

a trusted friend in the industry

The port has been a customer of Allied Telesis for a number of years, using an advanced switching solution in their network. The relationship between Allied Telesis and Port Taranaki has always been very good, and the Allied Telesis network they already had was still performing well. The port was also very happy with the high level of service and support Allied Telesis supplied.

Allied Telesis provided a solution to integrate wireless connectivity into the network that not only met all of the port’s needs, but which was also considerably more economically viable in comparison to other vendors - with no perceived disadvantages.

Port Taranaki deployed Allied Telesis TQ2450 wireless access points around the port. This has provided wireless network access all around the port, with the access points connecting directly to 8000GS edge switches. The access points are powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE) from the switches, and some via PoE injectors, so did not require separate power feeds.

An Allied Telesis Unified Wireless Controller (UWC) is used to provide a single point of management for the access points.

an upgraded converged network

Port Taranaki is very happy with the addition of wireless connectivity to its network. Benefits of the network infrastructure include:

  • High availability - the core SwitchBlade x908 has dual hot-swappable power supplies and as a modular chassis can have additional ports added with no network downtime.
  • Resilient design - the 8000GS switches are stacked, so multiple physical units operate as a single virtual unit. Link aggregation from the stacked units to the network core provides a solution with no single point of failure.

Benefits of the new wireless connectivity include:

  • Seamless mobility - the TQ2450 access points around the port ensure that staff using laptops and other wireless devices can access the full range of online resources and applications from wherever they are located.
  • Simplified management - the Allied Telesis Unified Wireless Controller (UWC) provides a single point of management for operation, administration and maintenance of all access points around the port.
  • Easy expandability - it is very simple to add additional wireless access points, which are then included in the centralized UWC management.

Service has been brilliant. Allied Telesis staff have been very proactive and available onsite and for training. If ever we have a switch fail, Allied Telesis have been there the next day. In comparison to other vendors, Allied Telesis’s service is much more proactive.

Mr. Michael Watson

IT Manager,

Port Taranaki

Port Taranaki now has an upgraded converged network which includes data, voice and the addition of wireless. The port have found Allied Telesis service and support to be outstanding, with help with network design and installation, as well as training, provided to ensure a smooth network upgrade.

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