Sanko Printing Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, selects Allied Telesis to optimize the management and efficiency of their new network.

Sanko Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1928. Recently they redesigned their company-wide network using Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF), together with advanced Allied Telesis equipment. Sanko now have a highly effective network solution which functions with optimal efficiency, thanks to centralized management.


Sanko needed a reliable network, capable of supporting their many printing systems. They had a number of requirements for their network redesign.

Firstly, simplification of the network was a key requirement in the redesign. Due to the preceding few years of rapid digitization, the factory had insufficient internal IP addresses available, and extending their corporate network had become difficult.

In addition, the increase in network complexity had added to their administration workload. Managing the network effectively and efficiently, with their small network administration team, was another very important requirement.

Sanko prints weekly magazines, which added the requirement that data transmissions absolutely must not be disrupted. Sanko needed a “non-stop network”. So redundancy, and robustness were very important requirements.

We chose Allied Telesis because their proposed network met all our requirements, and because using AMF simplifies and automates network management, reducing our operational costs.

Mr. Koichi Nishida

Section chief of the Development Office,

Sanko Printing Co., Ltd.


The new network design incorporates an Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x8100 core switch which acts as the AMF Master. The switch is designed to deliver high availability, wire-speed performance, and a high port count.

x510 Series Switches and x210 Series Switches were chosen for aggregation and edge deployment.

The network is divided between the production system and the administrative system, in a multi-layer structure. The operation of the entire network — from headquarters in Tokyo across WAN links to the factory in Chiba — is managed centrally using Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework (AMF).

Allied Telesis TQ2450 and TQ2403 access points have been used for wireless connectivity.

With AMF we have achieved centralized network management across the WAN network outside the main plant. Now, even if there is a problem in a remote location, we can manage it from our central site.

Mr. Kakutani

Deputy Director of the Data Division of the Accounting Department,

Sanko Printing Co., Ltd.


The network was installed without any major problems and the job was completed smoothly. Since then, the network has continued to run steadily, and Sanko are enjoying the significant features and benefits of their new network.

Allied Telesis not only provided the equipment, but also provided consultancy services, such as network administrator training in advance. To support the strengthening of Sanko‘s digital printing system, Allied Telesis have created a reliable network infrastructure.

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Autonomous Management Framework (AMF)

SwitchBlade x8100 Series

x510 Series

x210 Series

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