Allied Telesis provides enhanced IP video surveillance solution to large skyscraper complex.

Shinagawa Intercity is a large multi-function skyscraper complex located at the east exit (harbor side) of Shinagawa Railway Station in Tokyo.

Opened in 1998, the complex has a direct connection from Shinagawa Station to Tokyo’s Narita International Airport via the Narita Express and also to Haneda International Airport. The oval-shaped skyscraper complex includes a total of five buildings; three office buildings, a commercial area with retail shops and restaurants, and an inter-city hall.


The legacy IP surveillance camera monitoring system had approximately 150 cameras installed for disaster and crime prevention. However, as it had been more than ten years since the installation of the cameras, the system had become virtually obsolete, causing various problems. These problems included low quality video images and slow search capabilities.

In April 2012, Shinagawa Intercity Management Co. changed its monitoring camera system from a traditional analog-based system to an IP-based system.

The main disaster control center and sub-centers, which monitor each building, protect the safety in and around the buildings on a 24/7 basis. The centers monitor and analyze information sent by video surveillance cameras and various sensors. The system allows staff to promptly react to problems, helping to prevent disasters and crimes.


For the new IP-based network, Shinagawa Intercity Management Co. chose Allied Telesis x900 Series switches for the core and GS900M V2 Series switches at the edge.

Shinagawa Intercity Management Co. also adapted a building management system—an upgraded version of an intelligent building automation system. Located in the monitoring room of the building, it not only controls the climate control, elevators and entrances of the building, but also manages the building in a highly sophisticated manner.

The core switches needed to connect to a control server and a recording server for the IP camera system. A large amount of video data is constantly sent by more than 300 IP video surveillance cameras.

For the network configuration, the redundant x900-24XS was used at its core, and an Allied Telesis Layer 2 intelligent switch was installed in each building. A star configuration connected them with 1Gbps connections. The IP video surveillance cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE) and are connected to Allied Telesis Layer 2 intelligent switches.

We selected high performance core and edge switches, so the system can be easily expanded in the future. We are confident that Allied Telesis will continue to advise and support us through any future expansion.

Mr. Toyohisa Tsuruta

Sumisei Information System Co., Ltd.


Clear multicast video images ease troubleshooting

With the new infrastructure in place, the high-speed broadband network collects video images sent from more than 300 cameras to the recording server, and distributes them to the monitoring terminals.

Mr. Tsunoda explained the implementation impact by saying, “We can now identify and resolve issues quickly, as the high-definition images are very clear, which is very helpful to us.” 

Monitoring is conducted at the main surveillance center and at additional surveillance centers in each building.

Previously, each monitor had a separately installed recording device. The new system has a central recording server installed in the main surveillance center. Multicast distribution is used to send video to the other surveillance centers.

This makes it possible to easily search and display the image needed from the recording server, when, for example, a guard is trying to detect the cause of a stopped escalator.

The Shinagawa Intercity cameras and network are required to operate on a 24/7 basis. Allied Telesis AlliedView™ Network Management System (NMS) software was used to centrally manage the switch products. In the event of trouble, an alert is triggered, enabling a prompt response.

Tens of thousands of people visit the Shinagawa Intercity complex every day. The Allied Telesis IP video surveillance solution is playing an important role in providing a safe and secure enviromnment for those city dwellers.

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