Synthesis Shinkawabashi Hospital, in Japan, selects a high-performing Allied Telesis solution for its network redesign.

Synthesis Shinkawabashi Hospital, in Kawasaki City, Japan, is a general hospital with 17 departments including internal medicine, diabetes and metabolic medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, a health management center, and a cardiovascular center.

In 2015 the hospital decided to update its medical and data networks. They also decided to link these two physically separate networks, in order to create a fully connected solution with unified network management.


Synthesis Shinkawabashi Hospital wanted to modernize its online support capabilities and create a single integrated network solution. At the same time, the hospital decided to introduce a nursing support system, and also expand wireless network access, so staff could use laptops and other mobile devices at patients’ bedsides.

The hospital required a highly available solution that would provide always-on access to important patient data. To be effective, the convergence of both the medical and data networks, and the expansion of wireless connectivity, required a high-performing design that would also be easy to manage.

The Allied Telesis offering proposed a stable and robust network, with centralized management and simple device recovery.

In particular, the Allied Telesis offering featured Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF), which was very highly rated by the hospital, thanks to its ability to achieve unified management of network equipment, rapid configuration updates, and automated network backup and device recovery.


The new Allied Telesis converged solution incorporates the medical, data and wireless networks, as well as all of the hospital’s other supported systems. All hospital information now resides within a single network infrastructure, and the Allied Telesis design and products provide very high availability and reliability.

Shinkawabashi hospital rated AMF’s management capabilities very highly, so we developed a proposal based on Allied Telesis products utilizing AMF.

Mr. Atsushi Kazami

Metropolitan Area Control Department Manager, East Japan division,

Tsuzuki Techno Service

An Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x8100 Series chassis provides a reliable and robust network core, with dual power supplies, dual control cards, and line cards that are all hot-swappable for upgrading and maintenance with no downtime.

x510 Series switches are used at the distribution layer, and utilize Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™) to form a single virtual unit out of multiple devices. With link aggregation connecting the VCStack to the core chassis, the network has no single point of failure, maximizing network uptime. x210 and x230 Series switches are used for network access.

TQ3600 wireless access points provide seamless wireless network access around the hospital and the Allied Telesis UWC wireless controller centrally monitors all wireless access points.

AMF provides automated network backup, upgrade, provisioning, and replacement of units, as well as the ability to manage any or all switches as a single virtual entity.

In addition, the Allied Telesis Network Management System (NMS) allows visual monitoring of the complete network, with full status information to alert administrators of any problems.


The hospital now enjoys the very best in information sharing technology. The new Allied Telesis solution has provided an integrated network, easily running all of the hospital’s systems, with the addition of centralized management and monitoring. The newly expanded wireless network allows doctors, nurses and other staff access to online patient information—right at the bedside. This seamless access to the various digital systems from any part of the hospital has allowed Shinkawabashi Hospital to further improve the quality of healthcare it provides.

The network has worked without problems. There have been no complaints about it, and no issues with the newly introduced wireless network either.

Mr. Daisuke Shimbo

Medical Care Service Department Manager,

Synthesis Shinkawabashi Hospital

AMF provides network automation, to simplify and automate tasks across the network. Now, the hospital can be assured that network backups and software upgrades are done without the need for user intervention, and device installation or recovery is achieved with plug-and-play simplicity. For any changes to configuration, multiple devices can be updated at once, saving time and greatly reducing the chance of user error.

Through this combination of robust features, AMF has provided the hospital with lower network operating expenses, by reducing the complexity and level of effort required to maintain the network.

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Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack)

SwitchBlade x8100 Series

x510 Series

x230 Series

x210 Series

Autonomous Management Framework (AMF)

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