The TDK corporation, one of the largest electronic components manufacturers in the world, selects a brand new, high-performing Allied Telesis video surveillance network solution for its Thailand manufacturing plant.


The TDK Corporation is one of the largest electronic components manufacturers in the world, with sales offices and manufacturing bases in more than 130 locations in over 30 countries and regions around the world, including Japan, the Asian region, Europe, and America. Founded in 1935, TDK was the world’s first company to commercialize ferrite, a magnetic material invented in Japan. The company has since delivered a huge range of products to the world, bringing about changes in the electrical and electronic industries.

TDK components are found in an enormous variety of electronic products and devices, including mobile phones, PCs, electric household appliances, and automobiles, as well as industrial and medical equipment. The high reliability and excellent performance of TDK components significantly contribute to the safety, convenience, and ease of use of the final product.

TDK recently developed a new series of automotive multi-layer ceramic capacitors. These feature a rated voltage of 1000V, and are the industry’s highest capacity range.

These exciting new components are manufactured at TDK’s Thailand plant, in Rojana Industrial park, Ayutthaya. To monitor and protect this new product line, TDK decided to install a brand new video surveillance network.

The surveillance cameras were to be installed in both the internal and external areas of the manufacturing plant, and would fulfill a number of purposes. They would:

  • prevent the theft of waste materials and company assets
  • monitor the production line process, in order to prevent problems or operation failures
  • deter and/or catch intruders
  • provide employee security
  • demonstrate to TDK’s customers the optimal security of the production line and processes


TDK worked with NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd., who proposed an Allied Telesis network solution. NTT Communications surveyed TDK’s requirements, then provided proposals from various competitors. TDK thoroughly inspected and compared these proposals and as a result, selected Allied Telesis.

Allied Telesis was an easy choice for us. The proposed solution met all of our requirements, and the company has a dedication to networking and a reputation as a trustworthy vendor.

Mr. Makoto Kodama

Manager, EDP Department,

TDK (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Why did TDK choose Allied Telesis?

  • Allied Telesis is a highly-trusted brand, in its third decade as a world-class leader in IP/Ethernet delivering robust, resilient solutions. Many companies in Japan, and around the world, use Allied Telesis products.
  • Allied Telesis proposed a high quality, fast-response solution. Security was of utmost importance to TDK and the Allied Telesis proposal provided this, and more.
  • The Allied Telesis price point was significantly less than that of other local competitors, and for no discernible reason—there was no corresponding reduction in quality or efficiency.
  • NTT communications have been an Allied Telesis partner for a long time, and know the Allied Telesis solutions and products very well. As well as enhancing the trust TDK felt in the Allied Telesis solution, this relationship meant that TDK also knew they could expect a smooth installation.
  • Allied Telesis demonstrated its surveillance solution, which impressed TDK, who then decided to use the Allied Telesis products.

Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) provides power as well as network connectivity to the cameras, allowing simplified installation and easier maintenance.

The new network includes a camera management system, as well as digital storage of video feeds on hard disk. This means that as well as real-time monitoring of the premises and manufacturing process, it is easy to go back and review and analyze video data for security investigations, or to solve a manufacturing problem.

I felt very comfortable choosing Allied Telesis because it is such a trusted and experienced company. Many Japanese companies use Allied Telesis products, which gave us the confidence to do so as well.

Mr. Masayuki Matsumoto

Manager, Enterprise Sales 2 Department,

NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


The new surveillance network installation was completed in May, 2015. It began operation the following month. TDK have been more than satisfied so far with the network’s operation and the benefits it provides.

These benefits are clear and numerous:

  • Most importantly, the surveillance cameras offer a preventative deterrent for would-be thieves, protecting the intellectual property of this world-leading company.
  • They also allow monitoring of the manufacturing process, so any problems can be easily investigated and resolved, ensuring TDK have maximum efficiency from its production facilities.
  • Video surveillance provides a safe and secure work environment for TDK employees, as well as any customers or business partners visiting the premises.
  • The images and videos that stream from the surveillance cameras are very clear, which is excellent for real-time monitoring, or video analysis of manufacturing processes at a later date. In fact, the images from the outdoor cameras were so clear that TDK Thailand even detected snakes on and around the premises via the surveillance footage, and as a result decided to perform extermination.

Future plans

TDK plan to add 20 new surveillance cameras to the new network, to further strengthen security, and enhance the ability to monitor both the premises and manufacturing systems.

TDK Thailand now uses the Allied Telesis surveillance solution daily, and are very confident in its abilities after the smooth installation, and knowledgeable and expert training and support from both NTT and Allied Telesis.

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