Total Wi-Fi Coverage and Seamless Roaming at Annual Symposium

Allied Telesis provides a cutting-edge large venue network for the 22nd JAMI symposium, with world-first hybrid wireless technology.


Japan Association of Medical Informatics


Hospitality, Healthcare


Niigata, Japan

The Customer

JAMI is Japan’s only academic group specializing in medical informatics. The group promotes academic research and conducts activities that are directly linked to practice in the medical field. JAMI also presides over multiple research associations and pursues numerous research activities.

Meeting the Needs of BYOD

The 22nd JAMI Symposium was held in Niigata, Japan, in June 2018. Established by JAMI in 1983, the symposium is a forum for academic exchange between medical researchers and practitioners. At the symposium, scholars, scientists and doctors alike meet to discuss topics such as medical science, healthcare systems and institutions, best practices, new techniques and patient decision-making.

These days, anyone attending a conference expects instant and continuous Wi-Fi. If the venue’s bandwidth can’t keep up with the demand, it’s a huge problem.

The venue’s Wi-Fi network encompassed the second to fourth floors of the Toki Messe Convention Center. This included the main conference hall, as well as seminar and exhibition areas. JAMI knew that symposium attendees were likely to bring not just one device with them, but as many as three, or even more. Phones, tablets, laptops and many more devices all contribute to a large volume of Wi-Fi traffic, and the venue must cope. Not just that, but wireless coverage had to be consistent across all conference spaces—wall-to-wall.

JAMI needed to provide world-class Wi-Fi for symposium attendees, who would expect fast and reliable internet connectivity—and the success of the event depended on it. But how? Enter Allied Telesis, and their world-first hybrid wireless solution.

A Hybrid Wireless System, with Automated Management

When designing the venue’s wireless solution, there were several aspects to consider. The symposium would encompass different sized spaces, from the main conference hall, to the seminar and exhibition rooms—with each dynamically changing throughout the day with differing numbers of people and wireless devices. Allied Telesis needed to ensure seamless wireless connectivity in both quiet and busy times, with always-available online access.

Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) enables ground-breaking wireless solutions that are self-tuning—automatically analyzing traffic patterns and optimizing the wireless network for maximum performance and minimized interference. Allied Telesis world-first hybrid Access Points (APs) simultaneously support single-channel and multi-channel wireless architectures, providing the advantages of both: seamless roaming and maximum throughput.

The AWC single-channel mode is called Channel Blanket, or AWC-CB. It provides seamless roaming because the entire Wi-Fi network acts as a single virtual AP, so there are no lost connections or even poor performance as Wi-Fi users move around the symposium venue.

The wireless APs were connected to Allied Telesis switches, for a fully integrated solution. The switches were centrally managed with Autonomous Management Framework (AMF), which simplifies and automates network administration, while the performance of the APs was automatically optimized by AWC. Finally, JAMI used the Allied Telesis Vista Manager™ EX network management and monitoring tool, to provide a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire AMF wired and AWC wireless network—thus reducing infrastructure complexity and costs, and enabling easy visual monitoring of the entire solution during the symposium.

Infographic showing the symposium’s entire Wi-Fi network acting as a single virtual AP, which means no lost connections or poor performance, even as users move around conference area

AWC-CB provides seamless roaming. The symposium’s entire Wi-Fi network acts as a single virtual AP, which means no lost connections or poor performance, even as users move around conference areas.

Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi: Satisfied Customers

The Allied Telesis hybrid Wi-Fi network easily handled the large number of mobile users at the symposium, with AWC-CB offering seamless roaming in and around the venue, and always-available online access with no lost connections. The self-tuning solution was compatible with a full range of wireless clients, and ensured interference-free wireless access as the AWC controller dynamically analyzed traffic patterns, and then automatically reconfigured APs to meet demand.

The powerful combination of AMF automation, AWC optimization, and Vista Manager EX visualization enabled a successful event with online access assured, so all attendees were able to gain maximum benefit from the symposium.

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