Allied Telesis Wireless Networks and Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitors Provide Portable Care Across the Hospital

Toyko, Japan - May 31, 2021 - Allied Telesis and Philips Japan recently worked together to verify the Allied Telesis wireless LAN solution, for connecting Philips IntelliVue X3 and IntelliVue MX40 portable patient information monitors to hospital networks.

The IntelliVue X3 and IntelliVue MX40 measure and display vital signs such as heart rhythm, blood oxygen levels and respiratory rate. Being portable monitors, they remove the need to change cables when patients move within a hospital, saving staff time and effort, and increasing patient safety and mobility.

When using a patient information monitor, it is important to be able to detect abnormalities in physical condition at an early stage and respond quickly, regardless of where the patient is. Therefore, a reliable wireless LAN environment is required – one that can connect the monitor to systems such as electronic medical records and share data in real time. Allied Telesis is pleased to provide such wireless LAN environments, through its range of wireless LAN solutions.

The Allied Telesis wireless LAN solution that we tested consisted of high-end TQ5403 series access points, together with the innovative Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) management software. AWC uses game theory to autonomously adjust the wireless network for the best possible coverage.

As well as confirming the solution’s success while the monitors were used at a stationary bedside, it is also successful while transporting patients around the hospital. When moving patients, traditional wireless networks can strike difficulties when moving between access points, and by temporarily moving into zones with no wireless coverage.

IntelliVue monitors were able to move between access points successfully with the Allied Telesis wireless solution. And if the patient temporarily moved through a zone with no wireless coverage, there were no issues with reconnecting once they returned to a zone with coverage.

Hospitals using the Allied Telesis wireless LAN solution and Philips IntelliVue monitors can be sure that patients’ physical condition can be constantly monitored, providing certainty about the safety and comfort of patients and medical staff.

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