Allied Telesis x930 Series Switches Support Multiple FAUCET/Umbrella SDN-Driven Internet Exchange Deployments

SAN JOSE, CA – 13 June, 2018 - Allied Telesis, a leading provider of hardware and software products that allow customers to build secure, feature-rich and scalable data exchange solutions, is pleased to announce that its x930 Series of OpenFlow-certified, advanced L3 stackable Gigabit switches have once again been used in new FAUCET Umbrella deployments in Toulouse, France and Tokyo, Japan:

TouIX - one of France’s leading Internet Exchanges, has migrated to its 2nd OpenFlow Architecture using the x930 Series                        

DIX-IE - the oldest Tokyo Internet Exchange has started its migration to OpenFlow using x930 Series switches.

An Internet exchange point (IXP) is the physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISP) and content delivery networks exchange Internet traffic between their networks. TouIX was founded in 2005 and interconnects ten ISPs, three data centers, and two other IXPs – FranceIX and LyonIX.

In late 2017, Allied Telesis took part in a series of independent tests, led by the University of Tokyo, to examine the suitability of vendor’s SDN-enabled products for next-generation IXP infrastructure. That project, called the Programmable Internet Exchange in Edo (PIX-IE), helped confirm the performance of x930 switches and their compatibility with the FAUCET SDN controller. One of three IXPs in Tokyo, DIX-IE is now following PIX-IE’s lead by deploying x930 switches. The first DIX-IE member to deploy x930s is data center and cloud services provider BroadBand Tower.

“We’re delighted to see these latest deployments of our technology at Internet Exchanges in Toulouse and Tokyo,” said Seiichiro Satoh, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing for Allied Telesis. “We’ve generated a lot of industry recognition and respect over the last few years from a series of highly successful OpenFlow, FAUCET and Umbrella interoperability tests which we believe shows a clear, differentiable value in our technology.”

All existing switch infrastructure at TouIX has been replaced with x930 series switches, which deliver the required OpenFlow and FAUCET capabilities, including dual IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.

“Various operational issues, combined with management complexity, drove the need for an enhanced TouIX architecture,’’ said Claude Combes, TouIX President. “Our OpenFlow-based IXP fabric using Allied Telesis x930 switches is now very easily programmable and provides fine-grained monitoring of day-to-day operations. TouIX is the first operational European IXP leveraging SDN and opens the doors for new services to be deployed.”

Visitors to this year’s Interop Tokyo will be able to examine the same FAUCET/Umbrella/x930 architecture as it is being used to power the event’s ShowNET network.

FAUCET is a development community that develops and supports a compact open-source OpenFlow controller, and a network of hardware vendors, including Allied Telesis, who drive extensive hardware testing. One of the benefits of the FAUCET controller is that it enables network operators to run their networks the same way they do server clusters.

Fully supported by FAUCET, Umbrella is an SDN-enabled IXP fabric architecture that increases the robustness, flexibility and reliability of IXP services.

The x930 series switches are AlliedWare Plus™ hybrids, capable of running both conventional networking protocols and OpenFlow at the same time, making them ideally suited for deployment in networks transitioning to SDN. All Allied Telesis xSeries switches feature Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) and can be managed by Vista Manager™ EX, to enable organizations to build highly intelligent, resilient and secure next-generation networks, while benefiting from simplified control and management to deliver increased operational efficiency for a lower total cost of ownership.