Managed Modular Media Converter Chassis

This is a 2-slot media chassis, comprising:

  • 1 x MCF2000 chassis
  • 1 x MCF2000FAN Fan module for second power supply slot
  • 1 x MCF2KPNL2 PSU slot blanking panel
  • 2 x MCF2KPNL1 media slot blanking panels
  • 1 x MCF2KPNL3 management slot blanking panel
  • 1 x Rack-mount kit

It is compatible with the MCF2000M, MCF2000S, MCF2012LC, and MCF2032SP line cards. 

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Converter Type: 
ManagedChassis based
Port 1 Interface Type: Copper Port 1 Speed: 100M 10M 1G Port 2 Speed: 100M 1G
Lowest Operating Temperature: 
Highest Operating Temperature: