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ANC10S Series

10 Gigabit, PCIe, SFP+ Adapter, Dual Port

This next-generation PCI-Express 10 Gigabit Network Adapter is ideal for virtualization and high-performance computing.


  • Features SR-IOV offload combined with standard Ethernet functionality
  • Next-generation technology like loop back (inter-VM communication)  and priority-weighted bandwidth management
  • Provides the maximum possible bandwidth and bus efficiency

Key Features

  • Data Center Bridging Capability Exchange protocol (DCBx)
  • VLAN support/VxLAN support
  • Link aggregation LACP
  • Link aggregation smart switch
  • Failover
  • Jumbo frames
  • Checksum offloading
  • Teaming for Layer 2, 4 and 5
  • PCI-Express (PCIe) v2.0 ready
  • Quantized Congestion Notification (QCN)
  • IEEE 802.1p-based traffic prioritization
  • Processes receive and transmit frames at the highest level
  • PXE remote boot support
  • CPU task offload
  • TCP segmentation
  • SR-I0V
  • SNMP
  • IPv6
  • Adapter Fabric Extender (AFEX)
  • Message Signal Interrupt (MSI and MSI-X)
  • Receive side scaling (64 scales)
  • Transmit side scaling (64 queues)

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