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Powerful Network Monitoring and Management

Vista Manager EX is the intelligent way to monitor and manage your Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) network, as well as your wireless APs using Autonomous Wave Control™ (AWC) technology.

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Single pane-of-glass visibility improves network management.

Enjoy a complete overview of your network with intuitive access to detailed information. Your dashboard provides complete network monitoring—including details, status, event information and a topology map. Critical issues are highlighted for timely resolution.

Monitor and manage a broad range of devices.

Auto-discover and manage a wide range of devices with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) plugin for Vista Manager EX. Different network views enable visibility the way you prefer. Extend network monitoring with automated notifications and alerts for proactive management.

Reduce network operating costs with added intelligence and automation.

Benefit from a true plug-and-play AMF environment with increased network control and centralized management. Automated services include firmware upgrades, backup, recovery and zero-touch provisioning. New devices simply appear in Vista Manager EX.

Analyze and optimize the performance of complex wireless networks.

Maximize wireless performance with AWC, our software Wi-Fi controller that analyses traffic patterns and automatically reconfigures access points to meet demand. Hybrid Channel Blanket access points balance maximum wireless throughout with seamless roaming in complex environments.


Simplify network management by creating and editing VLANs across multiple switches with just a few mouse clicks. The color-coded VLAN map highlights network connectivity, showing data paths for your important business applications.

Traffic Monitoring Map

The color-coded traffic map provides visual status of network utilization and bandwidth across all links, with constant updates. Enjoy proactive network management using live and historical views to analyze data traffic patterns and improve performance.



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