Smart and Connected Buildings

With a converged IP network architecture, our Smart Building solutions are efficient, agile and secure. Combined with our intelligent monitoring and network automation tools for complete control, you spend less and get more.

Benefits of Network Convergence

A converged end-to-end integrated systems architecture reduces your network cost and complexity and minimizes your environmental impact. Your customers enjoy a range of benefits too.


Gather data on occupancy, location and air quality to measure and adjust building health.


Monitor energy usage of every device and utilize PoE for greener workspaces.


Protect your people and your premises with integrated video and physical security.

Predictive Maintenance

Fewer unplanned outages and lower operating costs through real-time visibility of connected devices.

Technology Foundations

When all your building’s systems work together, you experience new levels of efficiency and productivity. We can show you how to converge all your building systems onto one reliable, secure, and scalable IP network.

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Do you need some reasons to converge your IP infrastructure? Need to understand more about how technology can facilitate a smarter building? Have an existing building you want to upgrade?

We have a brand-new Siemens building management system implemented on top of Alled Telesis. We leverage this converged network for every service we deploy, and it saves us a lot of money.

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