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In medium-sized IP Surveillance networks, or a LAN, the video surveillance system is typically distributed with one or more switches in each location connected together.

Example Scenario

A corporate building spans multiple offices across an area. which requires a reliable, secure, scalable and easy-to-configure network. It requires IP cameras on a high performance, reliable converged Ethernet/IP service network. Video is isolated from voice (VoIP) as well as employee administration data traffic, but all services use the same physical, high performance, reliable Ethernet network. This saves initial capital and reduces the costs of maintaining and supporting multiple physical networks.

Each office desk requires an IP phone as well as network ports for a PC and networked printer. In addition, there are IP phones and many LAN ports throughout the building. A camera is placed in every entrance as well as several in key hallways, the parking lot, cafeteria and other public places.


The Allied Telesis x510 Series of stackable and scalable switches offers a cost-effective solution. Allied Telesis Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™) provides resiliency by allowing the creation of a single “virtual chassis” from multiple devices. It allows management of the stack as a single node on the network, greatly simplifying management tasks. Comprehensive low-latency wirespeed QoS provides flow-based traffic management with full classification, prioritization, traffic shaping and min/max bandwidth profiles. 

The 8000S Series of high performance, fully managed and stackable Fast Ethernet switches provides advanced enterprise features at an affordable investment level to improve the delivery of converged data. The 8000S/24POE provides standards-based IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) to support video surveillance and VoIP applications. The switch supports administration of port-based MAC address security, facilitating the protection of the network for both local and remote connections.

Featuring the industry-standard AlliedWare Plus™ CLI and Web interface, the advanced features of the x510 and 8000S Series are accessible to a wide range of system administrators. The CLI and Web interface significantly reduce learning time and minimize the cost of deployment.

To ensure the protection of data, it is important to control access to the network. Protocols such as IEEE 802.1x port-based authentication guarantee that only known users are connected to the network. Unknown users who physically connect can be isolated to a pre-determined part of the network, offering guests such benefits as Internet access while ensuring the integrity of private network data.