Multi-Gigabit PoE++ (IEEE 802.3bt) Injector

The 7101GHTm single-port Power over Ethernet Injector provides data and power through the Ethernet cable to PoE-equipped devices, such as wireless access points, IP cameras, VoIP phones and more. To enable modern networks of all speeds, the 7101GHTm can remotely power high-performance devices across Multi-Gigabit networks running at 1/2.5/5Gbps, as well as legacy networks running at 100Mbps.

The combination of Multi-Gigabit network performance, and power delivery available up to 60 Watts (IEEE 802.3bt), makes the 7101GHTm one of the most flexible and capable PoE injectors available.

Key Features

  • Connect and power end-points over a single Ethernet cable
  • Up to 60W (802.3bt) power sourcing
  • Powered Device (PD) detection
  • Extend PD reach by up to 100 meters
  • Multi-Gigabit (1/2.5/5Gbps) network connectivity
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Plug-and-Play deployment
  • Flexible installation with wall and DIN rail mounting options

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