Gigabit Managed Switch

The Allied Telesis CentreCOM® GS980M/52 managed switch features 48 x 10/100/1000T copper ports and 4 x 100/1000X SFP uplinks. A comprehensive feature-set, and built in security, make it ideal for high-density user and device connectivity at the network edge.

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Key Features

  • AlliedWare Plus™ feature-rich operating system
  • Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ Plus (AMF Plus) edge node
  • Active Fiber Monitoring™ (AFM)
  • Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing™)
  • Static Routing and RIP
  • DHCP snooping
  • IEEE 802.1x/MAC/Web authentication support
  • Loop Protection
  • Eco-friendly
  • Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)


Product10/100/1000T (RJ-45) Copper Ports100/1000X SFP PortsMax PoE+ EnabledTotal PortsSwitching FabricForwarding Rate


ProductWidth x Depth x HeightMountingUnpackaged WeightPackaged WeightPackaged Dimensions
GS980M/52PS441 x 359 x 44 mm
(17.36 x 14.13 x 1.73 in)
1RU Rack-mount5.8 kg (12.79 lbs)7.8 kg (17.20 lbs)575 x 520 x 150 mm
(22.64 x 20.47 x 5.90 in)
GS980M/52441 x 323 x 44 mm
(17.36 x 12.72 x 1.73 in)
1RU Rack-mount4.5 kg (9.92 lbs)6.4 kg (14.12 lbs)575 x 445 x 150 mm
(22.64 x 17.52 x 5.90 in)

Power and Noise Characteristics

ProductNo PoE Load Max Power ConsumptionNo PoE Load Max Heat DissipationNo PoE Load NoiseFull PoE+ Load (PWR800) Max Power ConsumptionFull PoE+ Load (PWR800) Max Heat DissipationFull PoE+ Load (PWR800) NoisePoE Budget Power15W PoE Sourcing Ports30W PoE+ PoE Sourcing Ports
GS980M/52PS48W164 BTU/h42 dBA909W3012 BTU/h42 dBA740W4824
GS980M/5247W160 BTU/h39 dBA------


Ordering Information


48 10/100/1000T switch with 4 SFP slots


48 10/100/1000T-POE+ switch with 4 SFP slots

19 inch rack-mount brackets included

Where xx =
10 for US power cord
20 for no power cord
30 for UK power cord
40 for Australian power cord
50 for European power cord

Feature Licenses

AT-FL-GS98M-CPContinuous PoE licenseCPoE


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