Power distribution chassis for up to 18 independently operating, unmanaged, bridging media converters.


  • Space-saving two rack-unit high chassis
  • Allows network managers to use up to 18 MMC series media converters in a standard 19-inch rack
  • Eliminates network downtime with the ability to use either one or two PSUs
  • The ability to use either an AC or DC power supply means there is no need for multiple power connections
  • Single-unit media converters can be removed and deployed individually to accommodate network modifications.
  • A backplane with 18 power entry modules ensures power is equally distributed among all media converters

Key Features

  • Modular use with all MMC media converters
  • Simple installation
  • Six status LEDs on the front panel indicate power, temperature, fan and fault status
  • Optional redundant hot-swappable PSU ensures reliability
  • Free technical support

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