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Medium-Scale Video Surveillance Network

Medium-scale IP video surveillance networks are typically distributed across multiple buildings on a campus or city block.

Example Business Campus Scenario

A business with a multi-building campus requires a reliable, secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage network. The IP surveillance cameras share the high-performance converged network with voice (VoIP) and data traffic. This saves initial capital and reduces running costs, as there is only one physical network.

Each office desk requires an IP phone as well as a network port for connecting a PC to the LAN. As well as the many phone and data connections, cameras are installed at every entrance, in hallways, the parking lot, cafeteria and other public spaces.


The Allied Telesis x930 Series of stackable and scalable switches enable an effective network core. Allied Telesis Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™) provides resiliency, as a single “virtual chassis” is created from multiple devices, greatly simplifying management tasks. Link Aggregation provides dual connections out to edge switches, and when partnered with VCStack, ensures maximum uptime as the network has no single point of failure.

The x220 Series of high-performance fully managed gigabit edge switches provide a comprehensive enterprise feature-set to support the delivery of video, voice and data converged on the network. The PoE model provides up to 30 Watts of power per port to support the latest pan, tilt, zoom video surveillance cameras, with power budget management to also economically connect and power IP phones. Network access control protects the network edge, so employees can access online business resources and applications, while guests receive only Internet access.

To reduce administration, Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) automates many day-to-day tasks, with powerful features that enable plug-and-play networking and zero-touch upgrade and replacement. Vista Manager EX provides a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire surveillance network, with powerful monitoring tools, and actionable reporting to easily deal with any issues.

The advanced Allied Telesis products, and network automation and management tools, provide cohesive video surveillance solutions that are feature-rich, yet easy to manage.

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