Media Converters

Media Converters

Allied Telesis media converters extend network distances by adding fiber and VDSL (via coax and telephone-grade twisted pair) only where it is needed. This enables customers to keep pace with changing technology and integrating high-bandwidth devices into the network without changing the entire network infrastructure. From standalone units to chassis-based blades, Allied Telesis media converters are highly configurable to meet every need.


The Allied Telesis MissingLink feature enables media converters to pass the link status of their connections and thereby trigger corrective action when a problem on a link is detected.

For example, if the twisted-pair cable to the 10/100TX port on an Allied Telesis media converter were to fail, the unit would respond by dropping the link on the 100FX fiber-optic port.

Most managed devices, such as switches and routers, can be configured to take a specific recovery action in the event of the loss of connection on a port. In some cases, the unit can be configured to seek a redundant path to a disconnected end-node or send out a trap to a network management station, and so alert the network administrator of the problem.

Smart MissingLink™

The Allied Telesis Smart MissingLink feature operates identically to MissingLink, with an added link failure alert system. If any of the media converter ports fail, the link LED will begin to flash. This aids with diagnostics, allowing network administrators to more quickly locate and rectify the fault.


In many cases, Allied Telesis media converters are critical components in a network, carrying data between sites over long distances. It is imperative that all efforts are taken to ensure reliability of the network, and thus a network design with redundancy is mandatory. The components most likely to fail are the power supplies. The majority of Allied Telesis media converters can be deployed with hot-swappable, hot-removable power supplies to ensure maximum uptime.

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