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Transportation Solutions

At Allied Telesis, we know that transportation systems are increasingly harnessing technology to improve the volume and efficiency of vehicles, goods and people being moved. In order to achieve this outcome, owners and operators of transportation systems must:

  • ensure fast and efficient passenger movement
  • provide real-time transportation updates for passengers
  • simplify and automate ticketing and entry systems
  • reduce traffic congestion on city roads
  • provide security monitoring of transportation systems and facilities
  • pinpoint the location of vehicles and containers travelling on or contained within transportation systems and facilities

Allied Telesis understands the needs of the transportation industry. To meet these needs we have integrated a number of unique technologies into our transportation solutions.

Eliminate potentially life-threatening failures in traffic-controlling equipment. Utilize Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing™) to optimize fault tolerance, and achieve extremely rapid recovery for reliable security video transmission and the remote control of key systems.

Sophisticated and powerful multicasting capabilities built into Allied Telesis switches ensure efficient transmission of large numbers of video surveillance feeds and rapid switching between monitored streams, while also transporting control, ticketing, passenger information, entertainment and other data.

Sophisticated Management
Conduct detailed network performance monitoring, and comprehensive network event audits. Utilize Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF) to greatly reduce the time and cost of managing network infrastructure.

Eliminate network threats with a comprehensive array of security features, and enable risk-free integration with external agencies’ networks.

Easily integrate video surveillance, ticketing, passenger information, control and other systems into a converged transportation network with the powerful simplicity of Allied Telesis products.

Finding a network that meets all these needs can seem like an impossible task, but whether your transportation network is for road, rail, sea, or air, an Allied Telesis Transportation solution makes it both achievable and simple.


Video: IX5-28GPX High Availability Video Surveillance Switch

The Allied Telesis IX5-28GPX offers an impressive set of features in a high-value package, ideal for IP video surveillance environments.